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    Who here wears an air-bag jacket/vest as im looking for advice on buying one

    I'd be interested in a group buy, if we can get one going! Do y'all think it's worth investing in for someone like me, who owns a smaller R3, and doesn't do track days? I mostly ride local rode's so my speed isn't too high..but I feel like this would be nice to have? Thoughts?
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    Suggested Gear - First time rider

    Thank you all!! Lots of really valuable information from all of you! Really surprised at all the feedback, what a great community! I'm taking that feedback, and starting searching with a little more knowledge!
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    Suggested Gear - First time rider

    Hey all, I just got my M2, and looking to by a bike within the next few weeks. That brings forth the question of...what gear do I need? There's so many different brands, and types of gear out there, (mostly talking about jackets)...what's needed? What's the difference between a jacket and...

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