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    Heading to PA . Wednesday in Thursday out . AUG 14-15

    Not sure what roads we took . We just followed Garmin.
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    Heading to PA . Wednesday in Thursday out . AUG 14-15

    Two thumbs up to DuBois Hampton Inn . Great hotel with happy hour 6 to 8 . A great breakfast in the morning . The beds and pillows were very comfortable . Highly recommended .
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    Heading to PA . Wednesday in Thursday out . AUG 14-15

    I put the dam on the route .
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    Heading to PA . Wednesday in Thursday out . AUG 14-15

    Heading from Mississauga to PA . going through Buffalo to Kinzua bridge . Then let Garmin take over twisty roads to Hampton Inn on the edge of Dubois . Heading back let garmin do it`s thing . Easy pace for the ride . Riders welcome to tag along .
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    New tires - anyone use Avon Storm 3d X-M

    If designed for heavier bikes . Will they warm up with low weight and work as designed ?
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    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    Small houses in in Applewood Achres are under 1M . But they are small. You are paying for the location .
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    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    I would stay away from Dundas and Hurontario area .
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    What's H-D up to now ?

    New engines on the way for 2020 . I`m ready to buy a Road Glide but I`m waiting to see if new liquid cooled motor will power the 2020 model.
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    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    All depends on your budget and the size of house you are looking for . Many great spaces still left in Mississauga .
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    Tory takes aim at noisy motorcycles

    Funny how the press conference was in Yorkville . It is easy to see who pulls the strings in city hall .
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    Anyone do the laser eye thing?

    Did my surgery about 20 years ago . Best money spent .
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    Minivan life here we come!

    Had two small kids only had a 4 door civic . Fast forward bought a crv kids are older . I noticed we just started to carry more crap .
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    News: E-bike rider hit by van on Dufferin Street

    These ebikes are becoming more and more of nuisance . On a regular basis I see them taking up the left lane on Lakeshore . Many are modified as they are easily doing 50km/hr .
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    Why Harley-Davidson Owners Hate the Street 500 and 750 Motorcycles

    A couple vtwin bikes come to mind as great bikes that never made it . Vision 550 Hawk gt650

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