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  • white ninja ?? nooooo its a CBR!!
    anyways, PM a guy named Zed-X-Rex , he did mine for me, good price too.
    Hey Fizz.. haven't been out in the last week but probably this weekend... and commuting next week since the weather looks good . The season's not over for me yet... not until they salt the roads :)

    Yeah, we should hook up for a ride. What part of town are you in? I swear the black has gotta be faster than red :)
    No problem! just saying it like i saw it :)
    I wish i had the money to trick out my bike haha, but it's so much fun to ride regardless, gotta love rediculously good cornering and awesome braking hahaha

    bike's not too bad, maxes out at about 155, 165(downhill), takes time to get there, but not as much time as say... on a cbr125 haha. I think, thats way more than enough speed for the roads :D
    Whew, close call, it said I could 'reject or accept' your request. You were on the line there for a minute :) Thanks for the invitation.
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