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  • Hey man, I was told that you live in eastern canada. I want to make a trip out east and was wondering what are the shops like and where are you located. Thanks man
    oh man i got soaked hard :) starting raining when i was on the 407/401west, all the way home just pouring rain, nasty.
    yeah that would be me, i was getting off work, heading to Wasaga Beach, just came back, nice bike
    masalma,,,i think i saw u today on Victoria st at kitchener to Gulph around 11am, 07-19-2008... you were going towards kitchener,,i was on my friend's blue zx6r with green jacket...confirm if it was
    windows movie maker comes with vista it won't let me edit movies though, trying to find a new one
    Nas, what kind of photo/video editing softwear do you use? Like the one on facebook of the trip :)
    Hi Kari, the roads are AMAZING, the weather a little crappy, but no shortage of twisties in any direction i go, I might be coming home a little early, what did the busa put out?
    Hey Nas, how's the roads there? I little birdie told me you might be coming home early... in time for the Sportbike Rally. Is this true? BTW- Chris put the busa on the Dyno thurs night.
    actually no i am beat, and I have a long ass ride ahead of me 2moro, kinda resting for it, supposed to be taking this ex rider chicky who is not bikeless for a nice long ride, but trying to figure out a nice scenic route, but u know me and directions
    maybe u can help :)
    No spent the day at work, then cleaned up the bike, and don't feel like getting it dirty lol, was stuck in the rain last night, and earlier today, had my share of wet riding :)
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