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    Hello, My name is Brie Reid. I am a 3rd year fashion design student at Ryerson and am doing a research project on women's protective gear. I need feedback from as many WOMEN riders in the North America as possible, and thus need YOUR help! If you are a women rider please spend a few minutes answering some questions! If you know any women riders please spread the word to them, and get them to answer some questions!
    I need as many replies as I can get!!

    If your willing to help please email me at or messaged back to me here!

    Thanks for your support!
    I think I've seen one outside Odette, might not be yours though. 250's shouldnt be too hard to find, gl
    I'm just here for school, and I didn't bring my motorcycle with me. I'm only here for a year so I didn't bother to bring over my bike. But from what I understand, the insurance rates are pretty reasonable, they're government run through ICBC. The weather during "winter" is pretty miserable. It rains almost every day between late November and February. It's still possible to ride your bike through the winter, since the temperature here doesn't go below 0 (rarely goes below 5), but you'll need a good set of rain tires and 100% waterproof gear
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