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    Need to borrow front end stand to turn around front rim in Peterborough! ASAP lol

    My front rim is backwards. I have a rear stand only. If you are in the Peterborough area, I can pick it up and return it. It will take only a few minutes. Just noticed this today as I was putting on new brakes. I didn't install it! Any help would be appreciated! Call my cell at (705)...
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    Competition Cycle in Whitby

    Been to the shop twice now and twice to the driveway shop. Dave has been great! Had a chain and sprockets done this week and it worked flawlessly. Would recommend him for whatever you may need. Fair prices, great service. Go to his shop!! -Matt
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    Awesome new helmets! Free morgue visit with every crash!

    My fiancee found this pic on or .org or .whatever These two clowns are doomed.
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    Turn signal Relay needed!

    Need one for my '00 RC51. A relay from a CBR 900 or a ST1100 will work ( according to the Service manager at Markham Outdoor Power they are the same part) My turn signals won't work, fuse is good. Stock switch OR the replacement '04 switch I bought (thanks Brett!) Someone told me to get one...
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    WTB:Turn Signal Relay for '00 RC51

    If you have an extra one that works let me know! If you are in the GTA I will buy it. This is the part number #38301-KK9-952 or any of the years that may be compatible. I have an '04 turn signal switch that is working. Relay looks to be pooched. Thanks -Matt Honda service told me that the...
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    How much is an exhaust fine?

    For example, one might have an Arrow Titanium 2 into 1 exhaust on oh let me see, say a 2000 RC51... It might say on the underside of said exhaust "Not for road use" if one was pulled over and said Officer spotted that. What would the fine be? lol Side Note... Anyone wanna buy an Arrow 2...
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    test image

    rear brake
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    2000 RC51 rear break light issue

    2000 RC51 rear brake light issue Ok, my rear brake won't make the light come on. The front works fine. The small sensor that sits on the rear set has had the wires cut by one of the previous owners between the sensor and the plug. It worked fine until last season. I took the tape off and...

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