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  • oh crap, looks like that makes two of us!

    I'll holler at you one day when I decide to go out to a GTAM meet or somethin'
    Wow...sorry! I haven't checked this page for a while, PM me and I am sure to get
    your msgs! Anywho, I've been out a total of 7 times, lol... but I am MUCH better after my RTI course. :)
    Kimmer! sounds like you haven't been practising!!?


    if u're free this weekend, holler, we might do a milton cruise if we can find a dry enough time...
    No worries, same gear and bike just thought it might have been you :D

    anyway see you out there sometime, i'm in the guelph area quite a bit
    Haven't been out at all :(
    Been way too busy and then when I had time, weather was ****.
    So yeah, tomorrow I plan to be out!
    Hi, how are you just wondering were you riding around Conestoga mall in Kitchener the other day, i saw one of your pics and thought it had to be you, i was just leaving the lot don't think you noticed i gave a wave
    Nice pics of the first ride! Hope your having fun, next week it's all sunny all the time! see ya out there somewhere around Guelph
    oh you mean visits? pfft, if i post my picture up it'll crash the site with visits.

    and we already have to deal with those database errors :p
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