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    The Official Ongoing Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas thread

    It’s not bad enough that you’re screwing up street and track riding, but now you’re fucking with Ganny?!! Good lord..... [emoji2357]
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    LiveWire recall announced by NHTSA

    [emoji1787] Well, you’re half right.... I will never have to worry about a Harley recall because I will never own a Harley.
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    Daily sports car?

    Brought this home a couple of weeks ago. Looks like it just came out of a showroom! Although the garage is getting a little full....
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    Used bike Valuation

    Should be. But today’s sellers are basically asking at or slightly below MSRP.
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    Motorcycle Safety Certificate Checklist (Ontario)?

    Age of the tires is a guideline. For the purposes of the safety, there has to be enough tread and there can’t be any cracks in the tread. This is an area where I’ve butted heads with Snow City. They sold me a certified used bike that had tires with cracks on the sidewalll. When I called them on...
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    Motorcycle lifts at Princess Auto?

    I’ve got 2 - one at work that we use as a height adjustable work bench and one at home that I use with the bike. The one I use at home I upgraded the wheel chock. Not that anything happened, just wanted peace of mind. No complaints.
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    Motorcycle Memes....

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    Daily sports car?

    V6 with the Performance and Pony Package - not exactly sure what that changes, but it looks nice. Has a leather interior and some nice exterior cosmetic improvements over the base V6.
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    Daily sports car?

    I just bought a slightly used (less than 20k kms) 2014 Mustang. Never winter driven, still looks brand new inside and out. Picking it up next weekend. I’ll continue with only using it as a summer car and store it in the garage for winters. It’ll make a nice addition to the fleet!
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    Speed cameras

    This. If the government spends a whole lot of money setting these things up and then makes no money on them, they’ll disappear pretty quick.
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    Anyone else see this? Aprilia RS 660

    I’m with Allstate and have everything with them. I’m also close to 40, have a clean driving record and live out in the country.
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    Anyone else see this? Aprilia RS 660

    Not in my case. My ‘17 Tuono is cheaper to insure than my ‘09 Yamaha Venture touring bike.....
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    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    “A bit of a KTM fanboy”? Jesus, that’s the understatement of the year!!
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    TF is this guy.... [emoji2357]

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