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  • Who says I'm not a girl? I am a girl I just forgot to shave the days you saw me. I'm actually offended that you thought I was a male all this time. But I'll forgive you at the next slumber party....so when is it girls?
    thanks hun! I've been feeling a little intimidated lately, I'm doing the m2 course in september but I just want to get as much riding as possible and get my confidence up! How long have you been riding for?
    I know!!!! I am ****** I have to work tonight :( the weather has been shity too... I was really hoping to make it there I could FINALLY meet some people but just my luck!!!
    Have fun!
    yeah...that is why i'm thinking I'm going ot change it....my gf picked the date and ran with it....not impressed ;)
    SWEET my Boyfriend works at Royal Nurseries on weekends do you know it?? My Aunt and Uncle own a little shop downtown called Trinkets & Treasures...
    I would ride any time... better to meet you Brampton is full of idoits on the road!
    Got to get out and ride with you's looking at your picture looks like good Shiet! riding is my life, my only commitment.
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