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    VR46 and Guy Martin

    Hey mate, if your balls aren’t this big don’t even go there.
  2. J

    RIP Erin Organ

    Riding the clouds together. RIP.
  3. J

    If you could have one bike...

    ‘92 BMW K75S - sold it in ’96, would love to have it back.
  4. J

    Speed is my Need on Netflix

    “he comes across as a bit smug and douchey” Because he is 😉
  5. J

    Seven riders down in New Hampshire

    “Live free or die”
  6. J

    Seven riders down in New Hampshire

    Do EVERYTHING right, and sometimes it’s just not enough. RIP😕
  7. J

    Bruce Reeve 1957-2019

    Too soon...RIP.
  8. J

    St. Catharines fatal

    "at a high rate of speed" - according to who? ? RIP rider ?
  9. J

    Fatal accident on the Niagara Parkway 20 yo - gone way way too soon. RIP rider.
  10. J

    An early start... RIP old fella. Still lots of sand on the roads in rural areas. Early starters beware.
  11. J

    Fatal in Welland I'd call it murder. So infuriating. RIP rider.
  12. J

    Michelin Pilot Road II Rear

    SOLD 180/55-ZR17, has about 300 lightly used break-in kms on it. $125
  13. J

    F/S complete '08 ZX14 body kit

    SOLD All factory original Kawasaki panels in Midnight Metallic Sapphire Blue. Very good condition except the tank, which suffered a garage "incident". No cracks, no missing/broken tabs. Asking $1000 Cdn., shipping extra.

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