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    LOL @ Insurance Claimants Being Punished

    @peg, if your friend can't turn his neck, then he is unsafe to drive. Dr was right to report that.
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    LED headlight options

    I'm looking to silverstars or something for the R6. I bought a nice pair of H7 LEDs and they work brilliantly, absolutely love the brightness and color(or lack of, I should say). The problem is the headlight housing on my R6 is so small that there's no room for the external ballast, the...
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    Who has a new ride this year?

    I'm counting the R6 because I also picked it up in October. Nice, alot of folks here got some end of season deals here last year.
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    Has anyone every needed or wished that they had an IDP?

    That map is basic. You'd have to take into consideration the origin of the traveller for many countries. There are alot of treaties out there.
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    Who’s Still a Reasonable Option for SS

    I get a group discount with td from my union
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    Who’s Still a Reasonable Option for SS

    I'm 37 years old with an M2 and get an excellent rate on my R6 with TD. Try them. However, just speculating here, but they may see your age as a detriment on an SS, reaction times and eyesight degrading as we age etc.
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    Mishap with U-Haul bike trailer

    Had an oopsie tonight. Rented a house with a 2 car garage, so I decided to rent a uhaul trailer and move the bikes there from storage while the weather was favourable. Anyway, R6 moved successfully, strapped according to the instruction sticker on the trailer, so I go back for the Shadow and...
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    3 Vehicle combination towing

    So in the next week or so I will be picking up my new Avenger 27DBS travel trailer, and because I didn't want to go the extra expensive mile and get a toy hauler, I have to think about other means of bringing my bike on longer journeys. With a bit of searching around, I found that 3 vehicle...
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    This is your NDP

    I'm at a loss for words.
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    No more demo rides?

    lol I'm still not sure if I should post this because I don't want it to be so busy I get screwed for a ride, but here it is anyway. Policaro HD Oakville, demo day Sunday, May 13th Hoping to try the Breakout 114, and...
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    Went to see ROM+Vikings

    Girlfriend and I went to ROM today. We haven't been there since we were kids, and they have quite a bit of pretty cool stuff, mind you I probably would have been happier at the science centre or the military museum up in Oshawa(We're actually going to go there for a tank Saturday when they...
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    Is it not illegal?

    Sorry if I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that it's illegal to use public funds for campaigning. If so, why am I seeing so many advertisements about the many (debatably)wonderful things that the current government has done against... sorry, for us? I'm seeing a lot of ads about the...
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    Min wage increase

    So you can't figure out the simplest economics, can't wrap your head around the fact that simply starting a business does not make one rich. Yet question my comprehension skills? Just about every statement you make is incorrect. Which explains the quote in my above post. I will also...
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    Any advancements in cellphone mounts?

    I've been looking for something secure for a while now. At the bike show, I saw alot of booths selling that flimsy looking X thing, but I don't trust it, and these phones are certainly not getting any cheaper. For reference I'm using a Galaxy S8 in an otter defender. Looking for something...
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    Gas rage

    Well, guess I better get some good cold weather riding gear. Reports are saying that the recent gas gouge wont be ebbing any time soon. They still lie to us and blame southern refinery shut downs due to the hurricanes. Playing to the fact that much of the population isn't bright enough to...

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