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    I want one so bad

    It's not a speed rating for the panniers to fall off. It's a speed rating for the motorcycle when panniers filled to their max weight. The added weight plus wind resistance can cause weaving at high speed, hence the speed rating. My Multistrada has a similar rating.
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    Bumper Cars at TMP

    Yes likely different pulley and tuned to run meth either for added protection or for a bit more hp.
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    H-D has a new boss

    I've had very few bad experiences at HD dealers. Kingston and Classy Chassis (not an authorized dealer but they don't want anything else there) were both aholes. Couple years back I did a 10-state 8,000km tour with 4 Harley baggers. 3 of the Harleys burned oil and needed top-ups, which wasn't an...
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    Post up your liquor/spirit talk 👍

    I've learned not to trust anything from Mcallan that doesn't have an age statement on it. I've tried and/or currently own the rest on their list though and the Dalmore and Bowmore on there I've mentioned here earlier. The Glendronach on there, as well as their 12 and 18 are also supurb and some...
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    Bumper Cars at TMP

    Yup, I won't go near that place. I've done open lapping for cars at Shanny a couple times. Once in my CX-7 (brakes did not enjoy that) and a hopped up new Camaro. Obviously a huge range of speeds but they spaced everyone out well enough that it wasn't an issue.
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    TV shows currently watching

    I've tried twice to get into Upload but I just don't find the humour or story good. Killing Eve S3 is the funniest and best season yet imo. Really enjoying.
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    Ganaraska Forest is Closed Until further notice

    There's a lot of sandy spots on the wide trails and when I see KLR650's and other mid-size ADV bikes in the singletrack not many of them look like they're having fun. Ganny wouldn't be my first choice for trails on a ADV bike. I'm in there 2-3 times a week and know the trails quite well so...
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    Minivan life here we come!

    To Johnson City, Tennessee! (If you're country you'll get it). Spent a night there in 2018 on a bike trip. Good times at Yeehaw Brewery. Only place on that 10-state tour we thought our bikes would be stolen from the hotel though.
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    Minivan life here we come!

    Waiting is a possibility as the 21 Pacifica is getting an update as well and if numbers work we could buy out the CRV. I'm not a big Toyota fan and find their styling looks ugly/dated quickly but it's the wife's call. Right now the Pacifica is $6000 cheaper for a similar spec model vs Odyssey...
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    Minivan life here we come!

    Bumping this thread as the wife's 16 CRV Touring lease is up soon. Baby #1 is due in a few weeks and if all goes well she wants a second soon after so we're shopping larger SUV but shes agreeable to a minivan which I think is the best route. Pacifica and Odyssey both look good on first glance...
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    MV Rush 1000

    Weren't they going out of business like 3-4yrs ago? Maybe they got bought out or a cash injection but I never heard anything after that and I don't actually see any of their bikes from the past 5yrs on the road so how the heck are they still in business?
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    Staying in shape during corona

    A huge part of having a treadmill is having dependents at home you can't leave whether it's elderly parents (think alzheimers) or small kids. Crappy roads, too many traffic lights, busy roads, etc are also big reasons. I loved going to the gym but hated the atmosphere. Meat market, high-school...
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    Fatal Dog Attack..

    Unfortunately I know a woman like this. Adopted a dog she said had "behavior issues". Few months later without warning it bit her sister on the leg so bad it had to be pried off. Hospital visit for the puncture wounds resulted in animal control notification where she found out the dog had...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    I'm ambidextrous and if I use my left hand to take photos (phone sideways so capture button at left hand) Kijiji and this forum always upload them upside down. Kijiji phone app won't let me rotate them either unlike desktop. Weirdly when I upload on GTAM and view the post on my phone they show...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Not beautiful, but these first gen do look better in black imo. Either way, fun low-mileage bike for a good price.

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