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    Seat Lowering

    Alpha Auto Trim. 2558 Hensall St unit b, Mississauga, ON L5A 2T3, Phone: +1 905-279-8872 However, not having any luck on their website. I suggest try calling them on Monday. Great Company. Good Luck.
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    Prince of Wales.Nasty Gravel

    Not that there is nice gravel Just as you come off River road, first corner. Only going South. Fully covered in mud and gravel. Does not look like it was from a rain storm.
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    ANTIFA Footloose Dance

    That's fine. Perhaps nobody wants to put out the fire. Even his own fellow Antifahs. They got the publicity and I got a great laugh Keep up the great fires. Thanks
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    ANTIFA Footloose Dance

    Hilarious. Thank you.
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    BPs new ride

    Awesome. Love it.
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    Who here wears an air-bag jacket/vest as im looking for advice on buying one

    The system is truly amazing. How far we have come. I had a previous one that did go off when I left the bike. Most certainly saved me. Low speed crash. However, will it make me a cup of tea?
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    Mad Englishman

    Growing up the Vincent was always my dream bike. Still is. I rode around on a Triumph 500, 1953 5T. Not new. Till it caught fire.
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    TV shows currently watching

    Dr Martin. Filmed in Cornwall. Seems like old stories. Sarcastic British humour.
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    Hamilton Mountain Crash

    So sad. RIP.
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    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    Was there any bike you preferred over any of them? British, Italian, Japanese, American, etc. Sounds like the one to go to for experience. Thanks.
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    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    Bike runs like a dream. No issues on it. Just the usual oil changes, new sprockets, new side stand. Chain maintenance. A snagged wire. I used to own a SV 1000 and I think I only had one valve and belt change. Had 68,000 when I sold it. Never a problem. Ran like new.
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    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    :) Sorry but I am not selling. Lol. Not that often that I have a bike that is so reliable. Now that I have just run it in, I think I might keep it. :) :) I have been riding it at 25,000 intervals. Spoke to the Peninsula Ducati Oakville and John, the service Manager, does not want to...
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    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    Thank you Gentlemen, Ladies ? for your great information. (Got to cover my bases) I was sort of aware of my next BIG service. "SVeezy, Mad Mike, D-J Was not thinking too much about it just yet. Appreciate your help. You are the best.
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    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    One hundred thousand. Loved every minute of it.
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    Snap Rings - Oh the Joy!

    Also know as " Jesus clips"

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