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    Good cleaner

    Have many memories on that aircraft. PA 28-185. Both here and the UK. Lots of fun. Very forgiving. Not like my friends Christian Eagle. Still have the silver jacket.
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    River Road and Prince of Wales road closed.

    Update. Prince of Wales road is open. Both ways. Coming from 10. When you get to River road you must turn left. Saw loads of us on it yesterday. Bridge is being worked on and no way you can travel past it. Unless, you have wings.
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    Car and motorcycle dealers open.

    As of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, May 19, 2020: Vehicle dealerships and retailers Vehicle dealerships and retailers, including: New and used car, truck, and motorcycle dealers. Recreational vehicle (RV) dealers (e.g., campers, motor homes, trailers, travel trailers). Boat, watercraft and marine...
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    Good cleaner

    " Muc Off" for me. Bike wash, polish, chain cleaner, chain spray. Mike in Burlington.
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    Apr 25th riders voted with their wheels...time to ride.

    Was at the Timmies 26 near Collingwood. Walked in and got my cup of tea. Place was MT. Great day for a ride.
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    River Road and Prince of Wales road closed.
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    Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil and Filters: Where to buy in GTA?

    Now we are talking, the best. Do not forget the Blinker fluid.
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    Cruising during State of Emergency?

    " PrivatePilot" Thank you for clearing that up. I believe everything I see on TV, what Politicians say, the internet, my exe`s. Like I have a hole in my head. I trust bikers. Well, most of them. For example, when Mark Zuckerberg says he will give $1 million dollars to whomever sends him an e...
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    Lithium Battery

    I too also have a Lithium battery. Same sort of problem when it has been sitting for a the cold. Have you turned the bike on also headlights on. That warms up the battery and sometimes does the trick. Just talk nicely to the battery. Like talking to flowers, Lol. If it does not work...
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    It's coming

    My question to that is..... Are we becoming a Police state? (Not that we are not already) Is against the law to ride a motorcycle or do anything that is anti social?
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    Motorcycle Navigation

    A little bit dearer than that.
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    Why I'd never buy a Ducati

    Hello stranger. I don`t like her. You, you are A OK. I do like my Ducati though.
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    Lightcycle" Thank you " Something to relieve the boredom.
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    Midwinter Blues 2, 2020 - Has anyone been saved by loud pipes?

    An ex friend of mine said the same "Jesus saves fallen women" She did not like my reply one bit. I said. "He Didn`t save one for me"

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