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    CBD cream

    I'm not sure I'd like that salsa LOL
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    What's for dinner?

    I liked the harley guy reference LOL, well played. I can only afford decent wine because I don't own a Harley. We made two beef bourbogoune (spelling?) for Christmas last year, pot 1 was an authentic with two bottles of $40 burgundy, pot two was $12 bottles of Argentinian wizzbang. 2 folks...
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    What's for dinner?

    I'm making lunch for an event Saturday, made chili yesterday so it can ' sit ' till Saturday . 20lbs beef, 8lbs pork, 3lbs onions, 2 lbs peppers, 9-28oz cans diced tomatos, 6-28oz cans kidney bean, 2-28oz cans black beans, cumin, chili powder, salt, black pepper, mexican oregano. Its a REALLY...
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    CBD cream

    It has to be a safer long term solution than tylenol or advil , robaxcet ect.
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    Honda Rebel 1100 DCT?

    As innovating as Honda can be at times, sometimes they are just odd.
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    Car Recommendation for My Daughter

    Cheese and rice man, no daughter is safe in a car like that, it has folding seats in the back! You buy them a vintage mini, zero room and it will never be over a speed limit or more that 11 kms from the driveway where it will quit.
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    US is ******

    well witches float because they are made of wood, thats why you can burn a witch, made of wood. And if ducks can also float, as long as he doesn't weigh more than a duck he should be fine....
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    Justin Time

    regrettably chasing down anybody that was levering the system when they shouldnt have will be a combination of way too much cost to prosecute big fish ie; let em go, and the 'cant get juice from a rock' ie; people that had nothing before.
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    US is ******

    which? the ones the russians are paying for?
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    First pics of 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America

    geez that front end could use restyling. That's a special kind of ugly
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    If it sounds too good to be true...

    If you dont go shopping on a bingbow wang market website, and read English ie; excellent best quality mens racing motocross super helmet, you'll probably never need to worry about buying a fake and wasting time and money chasing down vendor reverse charges.
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    I was a live aboard for years, if you stink of fish and 'marine' stink your doing it wrong. Its the same as living in a motorhome, except the motorhome is constantly rocking in the breeze. I still use my boat as a 'remote' office all summer, high speed internet, great view and the dog likes it.
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    Super villains are real

    If amazon tanked tomorrow Jeff would be sad. Sad sitting on a carribean island that he owns, planning his next thing. So sad.
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    Getting a job far from GTA or ON when you live in Toronto

    If you end up the IT guy on Baffin in the ore mine (there is just one) look up Steve the electrician and tell him Pete in Bronte is still waiting for the beer he owes me. Guy I went to high school with skipped town over some bad judgement he was running from and wound up in northern BC in an...

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