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  • hey brother Chiller,hope u had a nice winter---would your new trailer be fore hirer on the 05/18/12-------05/25/12.
    please let me know!
    Hey Ror, It's Jon, met at GP's awhile back with Steve Chiu. Just droppin a line and maybe next time join you on a ride. Lates and ride safe.
    Hey Chiller

    I know I'm probably late to the show, but I've been planning since January on joining your May Day ride again. I promise I won't drop my bike again doing stupid tricks.

    How many people have you got confirmed. If its possible and they are still coming I'd like to room with the guys I met last year (names forgotten so I'll call them) Mr R1 and Mr. ZX-14. Either way I just want to come and am pretty open to whatever.

    I'm not on this forum too much so would you send the details to my other account as well as responding to this.

    I'd also like to meet up with you guys in the next few weeks. Do you still meet up on Wednesday nights? My bike is going to be in the shop for the next couple of weeks, but when i get it back I'd like to come out.

    Ror - you're still around!

    After a really bad back injury, I'm trying to start riding again. Hopefully I'll see you at a meet?
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