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  • Hey wed love to ride with you some time soon we are free not this weekend but the next ..you interested? it may be one of the last rides till freezdown
    hey jon, how's it going man ? might go riding on sunday for a few hours with sauga crowd... depends if weather holds tho
    Hey buddy,

    Too bad for the bad weather today. we should hook up for a ride sometime this weekend if you are around From Sat night and on I am out though cottage time
    Here u go...someone mapped it out for us. This will be about it, maybe some minor changes....

    Mike told me you may join us that would be awesome ..hope to see you at the meetup
    Kewlzz...Mel wanted to stay off the hiways so I picked the back way to hwy60...We're staying overnight in whitney, and then hitting the 507 on the way back. Perhaps we'll cya then.
    Would you be interested in the ride to algonquin next weekend? Mel tells me it should be quite the group... :)
    Hey we thought it was you :) we rebooked ride for the 26th hope you can come with we rode on sunday for the charity ride was great
    Did lilmel and myself run into you at the movies last night? So much for riding today... :-(
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