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    Arashi rotor supplier that doesn't take 60 days? Buying Choices: Arashi Rear Brake Disc Rotor for Suzuki TL1000R 1998-2003 / TL1000S 1997-2001 / GSXR 1100 1987-1988 / GSXR 600 1997-2015 Motorcycle Accessories GSX-R1100 GSX-R 1100 GSXR1100 I'm looking for this or equivalent but so far haven't found anything like it, even other...
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    Any hints on what's coming? Royal's red tent sale?

    The Facebook notice said to register for details. That just puts me in a loop of seeing the same thing Royal posted in the first place. I guess they are just harvesting email addresses. Anyway, any scoop on specific products or segments to expect? They used to provide that information in...
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    M/C incident by machine category

    I got more speeding tickets driving a 1984 Toyota Tercel with about 70 HP from a 1500 cc, than I have in any car before or since, all with way more power. God, the first week I owned that thing I thought I made a huge mistake, until I realized I'd just have to row through the gears a lot more to...
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    Fall colours yet? In Central Ontario?

    Recently I've been to Muskoka as far north as Rosseau - just about all green landscapes with the exception of aspen dropping leaves. Nice, brown, slippery leaves under my boots and tires. Last weekend, Rideau Lakes area - still green. Last year someone posted pics of really good fall colours...
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    Walkerton M2 Exit Route - any recent takers?

    Just looking for some advance info on the road route taken during the M2 Exit in Walkerton. Thanks.
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    Guelph - Any weekly meets?

    Most likely going again to the Innisfil Royal Distributing meet for Thursdays but also wondering if there is a schedule for Royal in Guelph or any other location in Guelph, Georgetown; that general area. I likes my variety.
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    Yamaha YZF750R for sale - Orangeville Ad ID 501180660 Just listed July 5. Please make inquiries through the contact with the ad, not to me. Thanks.
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    Who is waking up Bobcaygeon?

    I have to figure it's some guys from GTAM - just because. Who goes wailing up and down #17 (Pigeon Lake Road) after midnight, just south of Bobcaygen? Fess up.
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    Anal much?

    No end of amusement this evening and yes I had a boring day so this was the highlight. The next pump over from me at the gas station has a ginormous HD 131 Screaming something or other with cases the size of portable kennels, all airbrushed with an admittedly quality paint job and very clean...
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    Bobcaygeon Bike Fest this Sunday - heads up

    I just got out of a meeting with Chamber of Commerce people and asked how plans are going. Two weeks ago they expected 5-6,000. Now they expect 14,000 and over 120 vendors. This is only year two.
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    Handling problem - bike "rolls" out like it's on marbles

    I'm searching everywhere for clues. This issue is not commonly defined like some handling problems but someone else nailed it as handling like it's on marbles. The bike feels like both wheels want to roll out from under me to the same side. So if you picture an axis running through the headlight...
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    Sena SMH-10 Single - v2, NIB $170 Cash

    I have a single Sena SMH-10 headset new in the box, just arrived. Factory carton with shipping slip, ie. it's legit. This is the latest version 2 which is firmware upgradable via a USB port. Anyone buying should first search compatibility with their smartphone or GPS. Personally I use a pair of...
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    Urgent help needed in Kawarthas

    Hi Guys, I really need your advice on a serious problem: I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs: if the phone rings and I answer, the caller hangs up; she goes out with the girls a lot. I try to stay awake to look out for her when she comes home...

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