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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    Hey Shane safe riding buddy, spent the last hour reading all the rite ups lol. Great pics. Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
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    Genuine no-mar motorcycle tire changer asking $600

    SOLD mods please delete In excellent condition used genuine no-mar motorcycle tire machine for sale. Included are the mounting and dismounting bar, tub of lube, extra tip and ATV breaker attachment. Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
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    Brand New Klim Quest Short glove
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    Selling my Third Wheel Trailer

    Used it on one weekend trip, in new condition.
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    BMW diesel oil

    Been running Rotella T6 for years without issue. I can get the BMW diesel oil for next to nothing, anyone using it? I know Castrol brands it specifically for BMW but cant seem to find any specifics about any friction modifiers or a JASO rating. Not sure this stuff is wet clutch friendly. Sent...
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    Deals Gap trip (couples)

    Doing a couples trip, have a house rented with 3 bedrooms. One couple had to back out last minute so looking for a like minded couple to fill the spot. Clean house secluded on private mountain. Details. House is booked from July 30 - August 6. Us = in our 30s, easy to get along with no...
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    France terror again

    Wow this is unreal :( Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Suzuki GS500F

    Selling for a friend priced to move... Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Clean/low km 2010 GS500F cheap Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Givi case, backrest & mounting plate.

    Givi case, backrest & mounting plate. Have a like new Givi E460 in flat black and added backrest. Has internal documents pocket and hold down bungee. 46l storage space big enough for 2 full face helmets. In mint condition, no damage. Paid $280 for the case and $60 for the backrest plus...
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    Cheap gopro clone camera

    Lightning deal on amazon. Probably a piece of just but for the price I guess it's ok. Probably use the mounts and accessories for your gopro, might be worth it just for that...
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    Any lawyers in the house?

    Already got some legal counsel on this matter but unsure of the lawyer at this point. Long story short I'm in the process of suing Two Wheel Motorsports for breach of contract. Here is the story: Purchased my brand new still in the crate 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES on March 11 2015. My bill of sale...
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    These guys are great to deal with, there customer and tech support are second to none. Might not be the cheapest HID systems around but there product is top notch high quality stuff, no crap here...... And they are GTA local shop.
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    Rear shock gas cylinder placement.

    Ok so this makes no sense to me whatsoever other then the fact that the manufacturer wants it in a specific location as to not contact anything during suspension travel. My FJR1300 rear shock gas cylinder has a very specific set of instructions in the repair manual as to how they want it...
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    Devils Triangle, Tennessee

    it's pretty slow tho on the weekends, cars come to a crawl here but if no one is ahead of you it's a good rip ;)

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