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    New Rider, First bike: Which one??? (Guide to choosing your first ride)

    Riding bikes long time ago (9 years ago) learning on small bikes like 250 and 300. In one day my friend gave to try CBR1000RR (suicide machine). I was scared in first seconds when i open a throttle. That experience show me what means to start running, before you learn how to walk. Even now on my...
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    GROUP RIDE (Vaughan/Peel)

    I think everyone allowed to ride in the group. Pretty sure experienced people can teach and help attain some knowledge for newbies
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    New rider from Thornhill

    Whenever weather is good, ready to meet with everyone!
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    New rider from Thornhill

    Where are you work? What intersection?
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    bike phone mount + newer phone issues?

    I have Iphone 8 and use QuadLock mount on my motorcycle, so far nothing wrong with the phone and no issue with camera. 🤔
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    New rider from Thornhill

    Thanks all of you. Really like to know you like it. Also we paint one more fairings set for CBR600RR as well.
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    New rider from Thornhill

    I working in the shop, for me cost is lower then you think. Even for customers its not crazy expensive. Everything depends on the fairings condition.
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    New rider from Thornhill

    I would like to meet up this season!
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    New rider from Thornhill

    It's a paint ;)
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    New rider from Thornhill

    Little update. Finish my bike during winter. Chain, sprockets, oil, coolant, spark plugs, filter. And main and most exciting thing i've done is paint. Thats how it looks like now.
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    Because it's winter.

    Working on my bike during winter. Almost done. Want to make cooling seat for myself.;):p
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    2003 CBR600RR Chain and Sprockets!!!

    Hello there! i'm newbie here and I have a question about Chain and Sprockets. Its winter on the way and time to do some maintenance and fixing everything. So I read a little bit about 520 chain conversion with -1 +2. My question is what brand do you suggest? I don't need crazy expensive kit...
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    New rider from Thornhill

    Hello everyone! Start riding this season, looking for group rides and new friends!;)

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