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Don’t get me wrong by me posting peaceful protest, that was a snub to some of the left wing people on here to think it’s okay to riot and loot,

and the news channel of choice is still calling it a peaceful protest
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Green Meenie
Yeah, I don't really get the support of these protests by lefties as "everyone's right to protest peacefully when there's clearly a large faction who are not protesting peacefully but causing as much mayhem as possible. Don't those on the left normally point the finger at the far right for that sort of behaviour?
it woud be great to have the torrent links!!
do you have an idea if jc gonna stream the races?
Hey Bob,
Saw your review and wish things went down a bit differently. Are you able to provide a phone number so a manager can call and speak with you? Alternatively, you can reach Tom the store manager here at the store on on his cell at 905-424-5918.
Thanks for getting back to me (sorry for delay, I've been away riding). Not sure what there is to talk about now: it happenend; I dealt with it; and I've moved on. PS - I've dealt with Alan Reesor for years and think he's great.
Hey BigEvilDoer, great shots. Could I grab 3 hi-res off you? I'm #36 on the primer grey Kawasaki (green tank).

3 for $20? If you send me your personal email I'll e-transter to you.
Hi, Congrats you passed M2!
I am new in this Forums, and I am going to take M1 write test this weekend at Newmarket,
as i also live in Richmond Hill, i prefer join the M2 class in uptown, which location of Learning Curves you took?
I have call/email Learning Curves but no reply yet....
here is my 14r version of the concours....14r lsl

lower pegs, ohlins rear ttx with adjustable preload and givi hard bags for touring that come off in 5 minutes

going to l& l tonight

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