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Yamaha TZ750 Street Tracker


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Its an amazing bike to see (and hear) up close. Baker was supposed to take it out on the half mile this year but I guess it didn't happen, at least I didn't see it reported anywhere

That frame was built by Jeff Palhegyi - who does a lot of custom Flat Tracker stuff out of his shop in San Diego - and its based on a real old school design by Doug Schwerma. Its a super job.

There were only 6 of the original Schwerma Champion frames built. My friend Roger has an original frame and is currently building a Yamaha RZ770 4 cylinder motor for it. Its based on a set of Mattoon Machine billet cases with 2 +4mm stroked cranks tied together... :)

Let me see if he will throw some pictures in Photobucket


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Here is Kenny Roberts talking about riding his TZ750 flat tracker and then doing a demo lap in 2009.


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