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Who can competently test moto batteries?


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I am developing a distrust of the battery in my bike, but I'd rather be sure before dropping $200 on a new one. Is there a shop or retail store that can effectively test small batteries? Against my better judgement, I tried CT after they assured me they could do it but it turns out that they couldn't. I remember Pep Boys in the US being able to do this no problem with a smallish handheld digital tester.


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Most MC shops have a specialized load tester. The car ones may or may not provide you with accurate information.
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Sadly they don't hold enough acid in the cells to use a regular automotive hydrometer tester.
Guessing that is what most auto mechanics would first reach for.


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I have a heater like JF linked (but analog). It doesn't care what kind of battery it is testing. If you try to use a fancy digital battery analyzer, those are likely sensitive to battery size (and the manufacturer probably wants shops to buy more tools or unlock options to do small batteries).

If you want the ghetto but convenient test, turn kill switch off, multimeter on battery terminals and crank your bike while watching the multimeter.

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