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So i always wanted to do a weelie tried couple of time bu to scared to bring it high so i decited to go to wheelieschoo www.stunt.ca www.wheelieschool.ca so today i took the course it was a privat lesson,the teacher -Felix. i know most of u stunt guys know him as he knows most of u as well. He was great on teaching i learned a lot starting slow with power and clutch 1-2
i had so much funn right now i can barely move my fingers lol.. so for anyone that wants to learn a weelie go see this guy save urself a lots of trouble money bones and ur bike lol i give this school 11 out of 10 :)

i know pics or ....... ill post them soon even some videos once Felix sends them to me he recorded a lots..


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Les liens que t'a fournis sont en francais et au Quebec :p

Anything in the GTA?


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I've heard nothing but good thing's about that wheelie school, good work.now lets see some vids

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