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War of the hypernakeds


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cancel that :| wrong bike.


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Not exactly a hypernaked but aprilia is releasing a 660 middleweight supersport bike...rumor has it they plan to use it as a platform for a wide range of bikes including an upright naked tuono version....(maybe even an adv version in the future?)

A comfy, more affordable, slightly less crazy version of a tuono sounds AWESOME.

2020 Aprilia RS 660 Confirmed for EICMA - Motorcycle.com

"As for the engine, we know the RS 660 will use a parallel-Twin derived from the 1100cc engine used in the RSV4 and Tuono V4. Speaking of the Tuono, photos and video of an alleged Tuono 660 have started popping up online, undergoing track testing at Imola with the RS660. Aprilia hasn’t said anything official about a Tuono version, though the company did say at EICMA last year that “the RS 660 project is the development base for a wider range that intends to make Aprilia a key player in an extremely strategic market segment in Europe, but also in Asia and the American market.
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I'm out! Not that I was really in mind you.


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I don't know where you guys would find a place with long enough straight aways for the top end, or corners requiring more than basic handling in the GTA. Most of Southern Ont. for that matter !!. 401 at night for speed ?. Off & on ramps for corners ??. It's all flat & straight here.

Character ???. Every bike has it !!. Just different characteristics. I can't believe people buy bikes with traction control, ABS, quick shift up & down, launch control, lean angle traction control, slipper clutches, auto downshift rev match etc., etc., & then play the "character" card.

It's getting to be the riders that have no fuggin' character (or skill). Just heads full of statistics about exotic, expensive machinery.
The Tuono does have the character of a gas guzzler tho'.


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The current Tu0no's 1077cc 175HP 999cc RSV4-derived V4 is, er, plenty for the street. But if Ducat1 put their firebreathing V4 into a naked chassis I have to think Ap1lia would counter with a V4 more closely rated to the 1100 RSV4 (e.g. a 200HP Tu0no.)

I'm glad these bikes are coming with state of the art electronics to make them practical for the street but wonder where it will end. Reminds me of the ever-escalating HP numbers coming out of all car-makers today; they're making the "HP wars" of the 1960s look like childs-play, and those didn't end well with insurance and government regulation stepping in and putting a halt to the fun.
"State of the art electronics to make them practical for the street" = to much performance for you to handle. Buy something to match your skill set & feel proud about your own ability . Or you could just be a fuggin' poser on a bike that you really aren't capable of riding


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Oh haarrr, haaarrrr. That's so funny, & clever too :giggle: .

Still...you haven't addressed the point of my post. I didn't say all those things were bad. I questioned the idea of "character" in a bike that does most everything for you.
GP riders don't tell their mechanics "Great... it's fast as fugg, handles like it's on rails. But it doesn't have any "character".

I said every bike has character of some sort. You might find these bikes have character at 300 kph at the end of a GP track straightaway, late braking for the esses. Not so likely on the 401 between the on & off ramps though.

If you are all about improvement & performance, why not a bike with aerodynamic body work ?. Not your style ?.

Some one mentioned " state of the art electronics to make make them practical for the street". Translated that means rideable for people who don't have the location or the skill level to ride them to their full unbridled potential. Sorta like electronic training wheels :D.
Perhaps they will be totally autonomous one day. You'll look for the one with the most character of course.

I fully support everyone's right to spend large $$ on anything they want. I just think that it's a big expense just to be humiliated by guys with decade old sport bikes & more talent on the DVP. All sounds a bit posey to me :unsure: .

Alright then... get yer picture book out & look for another hilarious response. Maybe you have an app to do that for you. :whistle:

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