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Used Bike with no Mechanical Knowledge


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So :confused: does that mean you have to buy all 4 throttle bodies just to get 1 TPS ?
According to Honda, yes. However - the TPS is the same as one they've used on a number of their cars, which they still don't sell separately but it means it has plenty of knockoffs around. Once you find the correct one (has to look physically identical, basically - the wrong one which is much more common is mirrored) then you can drill out and/or slot the factory semi-permanent tamper resistant screws, replace the ****ing part, wiggle it until it reads correctly, finish the case of beer, securely screw the TPS back down, set the bike on fire


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Holy that must be almost like 3 or 4 times the cost it would be for a single ;)

Fuel filter for my 4RT's is only available when you order an entire fuel pump and they recommend you replace the 80$ rubber seal at the same time, that brings the parts cost to replace the fuel filter very close to 1000$ I needed one once after I plunged my bike into the lake :/ so it turned out cheaper to dry it out and trade-in the bike.

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