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Two cycle bike insurance


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Hey guys, I'm going to look at an 1983 RZ350 tomorrow (always wanted a 2 cycle for zooming about). I was just wondering if 2 cycle bikes are frowned upon by the insurance co's. If I remember right, a few decades back 2 cycle bikes (and turbo's) typically got raped by insurance co's.


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I have an 82 RD350LC with Dalton Timmis and pay about $325/year. Insured with them because of it's age. They did not care that it was a 2 stroke. Most likely have no clue the difference.


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Cool! I'll be watching for your contrail

Mad Mike

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Nope. I rode a TS200R for years, that thing kicked the snot out of KLR and XR 650s. It cost less then my replacement TW200 which is marginally more exhilarating than a 10-speed.


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I have 3 two stroke bikes on the road and insured.
1 with Co-operators and 2 with TD. In fact, if you can access the TD on-line quote tool, I think the rz350 is in the drop down list of bikes. Cheap to insure now.

Fun bike, well sorted ones can be fast too!

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