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Total Control Training with Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training Inc.

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Take your street riding to the next level with the Total Control Riding Clinics at Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training.

This is motorcycle training that gives you MORE..... More SKILL, more CONTROL, more SAFETY and more FUN!

Intermediate Riding Clinic (TCIRC) - for that newer or returning rider
As a new rider or a rider returning that wants to refresh their skills the Intermediate Riding Clinic is a great next step to advancing your riding skills to the next level. In TCIRC we focus on:
- Traction Management
- Slow Speed Managibility
- Evasive Maneuvers
- Road-Speed Turning
- Survivability
- Throttle and Break Control
- Proper Line Selection
- And so much more

Advanced Riding Clinic (TCARC1) Level 1 - Minimum 5000km riding experience required
Cornering technique is the primary focus of the Total Control ARC Riding Clinics. This is a step by step program that will push you to the next level riding by using the crawl, walk, run process of training. Each section builds on the one before it. In TCARC1 we cover:

- Traction Management
- Mental State
- Throttle Control
- Trail Braking
- Vision
- Line Selection
- Body Positioning (learn the 10 steps to proper cornering)
- Suspension

Advanced Riding Clinic (TCARC2) Level 2 - must have completed TCARC1
Pick up right where level 1 ends with more challenging exercises from the best selling book "Total Control".

- Riding Psychology
- Speed Shifting - UP and DOWN
- Maximum Threshold Braking
- Trail Braking in a turn
- Decreasing Arc Mid-Turn
- Decreasing Radius Turn
- Chassis Set up

All our courses are taught by Total Control Instructors who have been certified by Lee Parks. Once you've taken any of the above courses, you can come back for a skills day session. This is a 4 hour RANGE ONLY session. All the techniques that you learned in your course are reviewed here with the instructors giving you that ever important immediate feedback so that you can practice until you are comfortable, confident, and the riding techniques become second nature. That's when riding gets really fun!

Visit our website for our 2024 course dates and availability.

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