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Tinted visor law?

Rob MacLennan

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The cops over here don't bother us to much, few years ago they had a purge on tinted visors and race cans. The ruling is they won't give tinted visors a B.S. kite mark so this makes them illegal to fit. You can wear sunglasses tho, i ride all the time with a tinted visor and i'd be really unlucky if i got a ticket. Its illegal to sell tinted visors here, so we get them through the internet , and there sent from outside the UK from places like Jersey or Guernsey.
It was about five or six years ago that I remember reading about the crack-downs. Seems to me that it went on for a couple of years.


Ever get caught yourself? I can't remember what the set fine was.
Yes twice, but got warnings both times. Showing them on both occasions that i had a clear visor with me prob saved the £30 fixed fine, tried sunglasses but after a while the sides of your head start to ache especially when you've got a snug fitting full face.

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