Supermoto racing with SOAR in 2019??? |

Supermoto racing with SOAR in 2019???


Is there anyone here thinking/considering racing supermoto this year with SOAR?
6 rounds, schedule is on the soar website.

And if not, why not?
We're two racers short of our required grid of 8 and without it, it will be no more.

Let me know.


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I'm looking to turn my 450 exc into a supermoto, not sure if I'd be able to race it.


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I need to find the wheels setup along with brake disc and caliper change first!

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When I had my 09 exc I ran the stock caliper. With a 320mm rotor there was plenty of stopping power for the street. If your planning on lots of track days a caliper upgrade probably makes sense though.


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I've never ridden supermoto but it's been on my mind for a while now as a fun track option. Currently contemplating whether to get a lightweight track bike or explore supermoto instead.

I always envisioned sumos on small kart tracks with lots of twists and turns. Is Grand Bend the most suitable of the tracks in Ontario? Are there any other smaller tracks that run track days that would suit sumos? Also, is SOAR the only (potential) racing option in Ontario?

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