Sunday 21 ride from Ajax |

Sunday 21 ride from Ajax


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Looks like Sunny Sunday ahead for the weekend. Anybody care to join me for a 2 hour ride from Ajax? North from Ajax then east, south and west. A big share like route that will bring us back to Ajax. I ride a cruiser and have my wifey on back, we drive quick but not death fast. If you feel to join us for a fall ride let me know!
text me, I’m at 401 & Westney Road


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You may want to look at the detailed forecast for overnight Saturday and Sunday, there is a risk of overnight snow on Saturday, and there will almost certainly be frost north of the ridges.

If you're leaving early, be careful.


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I’m not seeing any report of anything other than coldness.
Im also a late riser so after lunch I will head out if anyone wants to come. Looks like nobody so far, lol!!


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So....nobody joined me!
;) it was a cold but dry and sunny ride, fall colours and a stop at princess auto in Whitby.

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