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Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread


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I see the price has now been dropped to "as is,price 6000 or OBO, cash only,no trade,no low ballers". Still higher than a brand new, certified, with warranty bike.
But it comes with a "headlight,turn light stop light". That's gotta be worth 6k alone.

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not the sharpest tool in the shed...
"Babied bike"
*shows bike doing a burnout in the 2nd photo*
What does babied even mean?
Also what's with that tank? Looks dented with peeling paint or something?

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That bike looks pretty much stock except for bar-end mirrors and aftermarket turn signals. Nothing about it has been butchered or cafe’d.

Definitely overpriced though.

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It is a good looking bike (imo), and despite being overpriced someone who wants that "cafe racer" look will probably compare it to the hundreds of other "cafe racers" listed for 5 to 8k and think this is a bargain...


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Once upon a time Cafe Racer was a motorcycle that was prep'd for Racing. Now it's just a bike that has had the fenders chopped or stripped off completely, an open exhaust, cheap pod air filters, pipe wrap, expensive powder coat paint, cheap aftermarket instrumentation, LED turn signals, undersized taillight and a big open space where the battery would normally go. More appropriately they would be called 'Brat Bikes' or 'Chopper Bobbers' but nobody likes those names. 11.5 grand for a 9 grand bike when it was new :unsure: seems like a heck of a good price for the seller.


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Is it really that crazy of a price though? Seems like most stock/original R80’s go for 4k used. If the electrical is done properly and the bike is mechanically sound/refreshed it doesn’t seem too crazy for the amount of custom parts + labour. Considering what people pay for Ducati Scramblers/BMW rNineT’s it seems like a decent starting price for a unique bike (assuming the builder is competent).

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