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Something is up with the app on iOS


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When I use the app to post and place a picture it shows up as an attachment not the picture placed within the message.
This results in a low rez picture, clicking on the picture doesn't produce a higher rez version.

Something is up...


gringo diablo
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I gave up with tapatalk for the forum on android
was terrible
just use the phone browser now instead

Joe Bass

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Sorry didn't realize a thread was already started about this.
I started one as well. I'm on Android.

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Well it use to work on iOS just fine. now when you post with your mobile with a picture it is low rez, and bad low rez at that. Unusable.

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I use Tapatalk. Pictures are easy, follow multiple forums with one app, always works for me.

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Test upload with tapatalk app

Awesome looks like I am moving from the GTAM app to Tapatalk

Thanks @Iceman

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