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Road rage, dash camera and police


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I've seen enough road rage incidents, while on the highway, that I decided to purchase a dash cam. I'm not sure if you're allowed to install it on the windshield.

If I install it on the passenger-side windshield (has suction cup), high-up, where it is not obstructing my view (hidden by back-up mirror), am I still at risk to getting a ticket?

Also, if my dash cam captures an accident (not involving my car), as per the video below, do I remain at the scene of the accident? Will police confiscate my equipment, or make for themselves a copy? Recently, I've seen too many close calls.

To all enforcement officers on this site, any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. - MVA below happened on the freeway, in LA (US), back in 2017.



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If you mount the camera in a reasonable position (like behind the mirror) you won't get a ticket.

If I had footage that I thought would be of interest to the police, I would either copy it onto a new storage medium and give it to police or upload it as a private video and send them the link. Handing over a card with weeks of driving archived on it is a recipe for problems (likely theoretical, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle once they have the video).

I would remain at the scene if I was providing assistance in some form (eg. medical or blocker vehicle to protect someone on the road). If I was just going to provide evidence, I would GTFO of there. It's a dangerous place to be and there is a high risk that you will get hit from behind by some ****** that isn't paying attention. Call the non-emergency police line when you get home and tell them the date/time/location and they will put you in touch with the appropriate officer.


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Thank you GreyGhost. That information was very helpful! :)
Totally agree with grey ghosts comments. My cam is behind my mirror, and I also run a rear facing one. A lot of cams have audio recording too, so when theres a vehicle of interest, I will usually speak out a description of the vehicle and licence plate numbers incase the camera misses it.


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I own and use a dash cam and it paid for itself in the first few months when I was involved in a traffic accident. Police and collision centre didn't want video evidence rather just a written account of the details from my recollection. My insurance company was pleased that I had video evidence. Without the video, I would have been deemed 50% at fault and I would have had to pay the deductible plus have an at fault on my record. Supplying the video evidence saved me the deductible and maintained my clean driving record.

In a separate incident I was pulled over and when the officer noticed the dash cam he couldn't have been any more polite. When told why I was being pulled over I had mentioned that I would go back to the video to see my error and the dialog quickly changed to just giving me a warning.

Just my accounts so from my perspective they are well worth having. Bought my wife one for Christmas.

BTW, mine is directly below my mirror and causes no obstruction in my view of the road. In fact, I don't even notice it anymore.


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... I would GTFO of there. It's a dangerous place to be and there is a high risk that you will get hit from behind by some ****** that isn't paying attention...
Wise words. It amazes me how many people stand in a live lane after a minor accident to gawk at the damage and exchange information. For the life of me I can't understand why they don't take it to a parking lot and sort out the details in a safe spot. Always see them on the phone like the police are going to show up with a forensics team to investigate. The behaviour only shows how people are unable to think clearly when faced with a problem. I always slow down and ask them to take it to a safe spot and it is always met with a dumbfounded expression. I really should collect these moments for a compilation video.


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The collision video I captured a while back was almost irrelevant as there were so many witnesses but the police ended up with the 30 second clip. While witnesses would provide general information the video enables one to do a time line of the crash and you can't harass a video into thinking it might be mistaken.

That was a traffic incident. I don't know if road rage is treated differently as it is a criminal issue, assuming it goes physical.

Unless the holder of the dash cam had been doing something really stupid (Worse that what was on the screen) it would be unwise for the police to make an issue of it.


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As a former copper, if handed a video to view of a collision, (I would only look at a video, if it were a SERIOUS collision, IE Bodily harm or fatal, OR a criminal act, IE impaired, etc). I wouldn't waste my time on a property only collision, (that is for the insurer to settle).

But, if given a video, for evidence, on the collision, I am NOT going to go thru the entire video, looking for something to charge the owner of the video with. Unless JUST pre or post collision, the video showed the rider, (had his/her face CLEARLY visible and they jumped on their bike and went on a 200+ km/h rip). I am not going to deal with the owner of the video rolled through a stop sign.

Officers today barely have time to run from call to call, let alone sitting around going thru 2.5 hours of boring traffic

As for placement, if it is LOW, (just barely off the dash), on the middle, or up high on the middle or UPPER passenger corner of windshield is best. I currently have a cell phone holder mounted in bottom front corner of drivers side window, (doesn't obstruct the mirror, and is in such a spot that even if I looked in that area, I can't see the road due to mirror mount.

Up by mirror, especially on the passenger side of mirror, isn't a good spot as it COULD obstruct a pedestrian as your about to turn right.

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