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River Road and Prince of Wales road closed.


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Yeah I was up there yesterday and was going to post this information. I modified my route and carried on, but the large group sitting at River Road and Prince of Wales was having some discussions about which way to go. There must have been 15 or 20 riders in that group and not much social distancing.


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Was there yesterday as well. RR closed east of Terra Nova only.


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I was up there on Saturday and noticed this, they havent knocked down the bridge yet but apparently this will be going until September :( Super disappointing as this is a fun little after work ride for me. Guess we will have to hit Creemore now instead haha


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Prince of Wales road is open. Both ways. Coming from 10. When you get to River road you must turn left. Saw loads of us on it yesterday.

Bridge is being worked on and no way you can travel past it. Unless, you have wings.

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