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Riding Down Under - Tropical Cairns Australia

No vision test?
I had vision test ( excellent ), peripheral test ( excellent ), balance test blindfolded ( long 30 seconds), urine test ( had to explain about TURP) and reflex tap plus heart listen and medicines and medical history review all to earn another year in the saddle.:rolleyes:
At least I'm good to get to 60 years riding by next October
....next goal will be riding at 80. Some days I have my doubts feeling all stiff and old .....but
A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day!
1718928549667.png off to conquer the Gillies on a perfect day in the tropics. 24 C and little wind.
Good ride up the Gillies but very rusty....not smoooth when stopping behind cars and at the construction lights. :( Need a bit more air in the tires but I was slow poke all day in the twists. Did both directions and paid for that with a big nap.
Lovely hour reading in sun at the teahouse and noshing fresh scones and very yummy blueberry jam....lots of cream and a big pot of tea.
Got warmed up sitting in the sun ...high was only 20 so was a tad chilly in the mesh jacket. Wore my Olympia AirGlide 3 pants with suspenders and used the independent knee armour, very comfortable combination with suspenders. When I was using the Rev'it pants there was some stiction at the knee I had to hike each pant leg up to free up - nada on the Airglide and knees feel very well protected.
The AG look and feel better made than the lighter Rev'it Airwave which split at the seam....have approval for warranty return. I might sell them when I get the replacement. I have a lot of memorable miles on the Airglides....best $100 purchase.

I've settled in to Schuberth C3 with an Oxford balaclava to keep the IEMs in place and some cheap Temu clear glasses that bother the bridge of my nose....will sort that.
Might treat myself to new visor and sun visor on the C3 but prefer just the clear glasses.
Then my forever old Joe Rocket shorty mesh jacket, the Airglides with suspenders plus the G-Form independent knee protectors that I thought might be too hot but the warmth was good.
1718962697357.png and the Forma midcalf boots...very happy with those.
TEMU gloves worked out well, they were a big bigger than the existing ones and the extra space felt good.
The saddest part is you have five minutes to draw the clock. If it takes you five minutes, you needed to stop driving many years ago imo.
At the session I went to there was an elderly lady who had to be supported by a relative in order to walk into the room and also helped to sit down and stand up after the session. This was obviously a painful and very slow process for her and I did wonder if her "reaction time" was up to actually driving a vehicle.
At the session I went to there was an elderly lady who had to be supported by a relative in order to walk into the room and also helped to sit down and stand up after the session. This was obviously a painful and very slow process for her and I did wonder if her "reaction time" was up to actually driving a vehicle.
My mother-in-law is 91 and lives in PEI. My wife and her family travel to visit her frequently and are doing all that is possible to keep her living independently.

The passed a written test and driving test when she renewed her license about a year ago, though not certain about how long ago.

The issue of driving came up in May since she hadn't driven since the fall as she has friends in the building who are much younger who will drive. The task fell to my wife so she said, " OK mom. You need to get to the car, put your walker in the back seat and get into the drivers seat ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT HELP. Then we'll drive around for a short time, come home and you'll have to get out of the car etc. again ON YOUR OWN."

She was able to store the walker and get in and the drive was without incident. Upon returning she did get out and got the walker but she admitted that it was a bit much for her and she didn't feel that comfortable.

Sad as it is (and unavoidable for those who live long enough), it's best if they come to the decision themselves.
The other factor with older drivers/riders is the deterioration of "night vision" with age. I have seen printed information that says that by the time we are "senior citizens" our night vision is about 12% of what it is when we are in our 20's. To some extent it can apparently improve more quickly at night if before going out into the dark from a highly lit room one wears dark sunglasses for some minutes.
Yeah for sure - my dad was driving legally at 95 but never at night.
I notice when in the car at night the oncoming lights are hard on the eyes.
I actually like riding late at night but not here.....too many critters.

Good ride up to Kuranda...shake the rust off.. having a German feed.

Not looking good for a Julatten run tomorrow :(
Raining and weird temp spread for 9 pm in winter.



Oh well ...lots to binge on AppleTV 🍿
Finally ...a riding day ...Screen Shot 2024-07-02 at Jul, 2    2024    4.26.06 AM.jpg
Ah lucky table 13 ...holed up in an Irish Pub with good reviews in Port Douglas.


Is a lovely day in FNQ....mid 20s - mix of sun and cloud. Got off too late but was taking my time all day. Decent sleep and good drug combo so no aches and pains.. Corner table overlooking the rather busy main street. Some wings coming.
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Nanny state bites.
Anno horribilis continues.
Rego ran out like 200 days ago so need new roadworthy and $530 in fines.
WHY the MOT did not warn me when I got my licence sorted is a puzzle....even the cop was surprised. SIgh....and it was SUCH a nice day. bio.jbtfsplk.jpg
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License came in today. Parts for the Honda arriving tomorrow....might be back on the road legally just in time for :cry:
Screen Shot 2024-07-03 at Jul, 3    2024    2.48.11 PM.jpg
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hmmmmm. despite the financial hit I'm considering this
They will take the Honda in trade maybe....might try the Honda on the web first. ( already posted and with a reply )
Move up 8 years, many km and get decent extra warranty.
Lose a bit of power but better seating position and can go light off road.
Better seating position and very good reviews.
Yamaha will bring the bike to Cairns. It's got minor cosmetic scuffs.
2023 Suzuki DL250 V-Strom. One owner LAMS approved Adventure bike with low kms and factory warranty until July 2025. Has had a little slide on the right hand side, but its only light cosmetic blemishes.^^QLD rego until June 2025, a very factory standard bike with a topbox fitted
If I could get away with $2k plus the stuff I'm putting into the 300 this week....:unsure:
Surprising how well the suggested value holds up on the Honda. I know I got a very sweet deal initially....
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Got compressor back and pumped tires.
Me today - eBike muscle memory kaput

damn things get to 20kph real quick and me with non stretchy pants, gloves n helmet. Felt a little at risk as rear view mirror got busted by my physio guy. Have the replacement but where :unsure:
Quite the come down from a Vstrom 1000 to a pair of VanVan 125cc for their next adventure.
can't call them noobs anymore 🍿
Lots of rain so not missing the Honda.....yet. Waiting on parts.
Well so far Lav and Ollie are struggling with a "something wrong" bike,

Meanwhile in the Outback

Home town to Darwin - been trying to get to Chillagoe again and the CB300 just cannot handle the washboard. Frustrating as there is not a lot unpaved ...but just enough. Was not an issue on the KLR.
Partner sez she's driven it in a Hilux with a canoe on a while back.
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Bike is ready, have to go to the dealer, get the old plate, go to MOT bring the safety and get the rego then back to the dealer. .....whimpering loudly about cost of all that. 😏
Hope the nice weather holds. 🌞
On road again. Bike feels great. Wallet lighter. Short ride for lunch out to Smithfield. The guys forgot to tighten my RAM cup so lost that :( $45 to replace - at least not so hot so hydrating not quite so critical.

Watched Off She Goes do a Swedish enduro race after having very little practice....1,000 bikes involved.
Impressed with her attitude. SHe finished the entire 22 KM course and did not come off once much to her surprise.

Iceland tour ...but off to Bowls Club for some supper.

Longer ride tomorrow 1720685291446.png
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