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Riding Down Under - Tropical Cairns Australia

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Glad my collarbone fracture was uneventful. Nasty turn for Noraly.
Looking forward to her book and Season 8. (y)
Tough to see her so worn out.

Suggestions for other mcycle vloggers welcome as both Noraly and Lavi and Ollie are finished their seasons.
Marc Travels I really enjoy but his production is erratic.
In Queensland, 1,442 people have been diagnosed with COVID in the past week.

Of concern, 47 per cent of people hospitalised with the disease were aged 75 years or olde
COVID cases are rising across Australia. Here's what we know about the new variant: FLiRT
By Hanan Dervisevic
Posted 11h ago
I'm in that category and we are getting our booster on Tuesday. I'm still leery of getting long covid ( I've not had it yet afaik tho I've had my suspicions ). My immune system is not entirely up to snuff after a bad year of broken leg and collar bone, 90 days in recovery and then a prostate operation that was a bit of a bear post op tho the procedure itself was minor in discomfort. Get TURP done when you are younger...I waited too long.

So getting any infection at this point is unwelcome. Thanks to the TURP I no longer take low dose daily a/b so waiting to get my entire immune system stable
....now about the exercise :rolleyes:
Screen Shot 2024-05-24 at May, 24    2024    5.40.57 PM.jpg

Weather has just been impossible for riding ...tomorrow looking good tho

Tire pressure is holding perfectly after the patch.√

Partner and I having Indian food with a close friend who used to live with us, used to be a 20 something when I arrived here, now a gorgeous single 30 something with her own villa. Something that this part of Aus still allows young people on a single income
shared pool kinda nice too in the tropics...$279k
Screen Shot 2024-05-24 at May, 24    2024    5.53.56 PM.jpg
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About bloody timeimgres.png - Etty Bay chasing cassowaries today and ride up the range with Eamonn tomorrow for lunch.
Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at May, 30    2024    8.13.03 AM.jpg
It is windy today so might divert to Volcanic Lakes up the Gillies.
good deal - 5 all in
Hungry Jack's Breakfast Menu Clearance | www.brsuk.co.uk

wind not so bad - 17 km to etty bay..
Was a bit chilly on the beach at Etty Bay with a bit of surf but there were a few out swimming.
Bit grim at Etty Bay with the wind and rain showers blowing around but did get to see a large cassowary just as I was leaving.
Got a little wet but nothing to worry about....finished my audio book.
212 KM round trip and not entirely knackered...but for reasons unknown my rather new riding pants have split along a seam...just the outer seam not the inner liner. ☹️ :unsure:
Since I'm down 20kg since I started riding with them I'm surprised
Screen Shot 2024-05-30 at May, 30    2024    5.06.23 PM.jpg
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Falling in love with music again.
My Momentum 4 headphones arrived in time for our trip and a lot of features useful to me.
They have much better isolation on their own compared to my tired Hesh2 I swiped from my kid.
These are a large step up in sound quality as well as electronic feature sets....effortless deep low end and delicate high end.
Bargain for us in Aussie land. Plain jane looks....sound that just takes me to another world. 42 mm drivers deliver.
Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless ...

this is just a peel off sticker that comes on the units - it's all touch pad.

Very easy to pair and great feature for me is allowing two connections so I can do laptop and TV at the same time.

Seems to combine the features of audiophile level sound plus consumer features. 60 hour battery life and they charge crazy fast.
One of the big features for me is 32 band EQ in the app so I can tweak closer to my hearing loss curve.
Comes with complete set for airplane use.....gotta think the ANC will be brilliant tomorrow.

This gal just loved them
After several hours of listening to different tracks, I experienced a moment of audio inertia in which the headphones would not let me consider removing them. I sat with my eyes closed, listening as waves of a tympani, trumpeting flugelhorns, and ghostly flutes networked their rhythms and melodies into an aural high. Each instrument was distinct, identifiable—you could almost visualize the orchestrator’s design.

I wax poetic because that actually happened with no external influences—just the right music and the right headphones.

Have hours to kill waiting on a flight....pure bliss. Complete isolation and superb sound. I am glad there is an easy to locate physical button for power on and off as I've not mastered the touch pad controls and keep double tapping. Volume change is very intuitive - just draw my finger down the pad.
The 60 hour run time with the ANC on is just a treat...my normal flying headphones only last about 8 hours without a USB-c recharge and it might be a longer day than that today....and of course the sound quality is nothing close on Senns.
I use them for riding and listening to audio books and they work fine for that. They've been very durable.
I notice the battery life has been tripled or more. When they came out they were like $22 but replaceable tips and an easy fit under the helmet have made them very useful. Partner has adopted them for her gardening and just about anywhere listening to audio books.
Even go them wet riding without issue where the Pioneerz I had died after a year ....$$ mistake. ANC never worked well, crackling and cables simply fell apart.
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Fantastic winter day in Wineglass Bay.
Whales, seals and sun all day and a verrrry quiet ocean.
A pleasant 4 hour trip ...

Tomorrow however ....it's a howler on the way
Tasmania Severe Weather Warning 1

http://www.bom.gov.au › products › IDT21037
DAMAGING WINDS averaging around 70 km/h with peak gusts in excess of 100 km/h are likely from early Tuesday morning over northern, western and some eastern
Thought I forgot my card reader on out trip to Tasmania. Just discover a little one a bought on another trip and it works the charm.
Winter here is chilly but still green and verdant.
Tasmanian Devil taking advantage of a warm sunny day - they were all stretched out n bts of sun.

Quolls are gorgeous...also enjoying the sunny day.
Western Tas has 250 rain days!!

Not the best Sea eagle shot but it was a few hundred yards away and the Leica 400/800 pulled it in.

A fur seal pup on its own - seemed injured.

The big fur seals were also enjoying the sunny day

We've been lucky with weather ....ends tomorrow with a wild storm arriving
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Visited the ancestors transport jail ( yes really an ancestor of partner )
There was an amazing detailed model of the Port Arthur jail facilities

Also visited the Unzoo....more pics to come

Welcome to the “Unzoo for the Future”

“To my knowledge you will be the first to test and develop a fully-functioning example of what I believe will become the zoo, or ‘unzoo’ of the future”

International designer Jon Coe – 2007 letter to John Hamilton

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo is a global leader in shaping the way zoos evolve in the 21st century.

When you visit you will discover lots of very special animals of the Tasmanian bush, especially our famous devils. But what is different now is that most of our creatures are wild, not captive. It is a welcome change from a traditional zoo.
Holed up in the lap of luxury in The Tasman thanks to friends in high places.
Peppina Pantry Breakfast buffet counter

Heading out to this tonight.
Our fancy hotel is having a moment. Power out for 20 minutes, emergency lighting very good, rebooting to main power.....well not so much. Couple of false starts now back to emergency lighting, Fortunately have floor to ceiling windows letting in faint daylight and city lights. :rolleyes:
Rest of the city not affected so something here.
We are going out to the Winter Feast soonish anyways thought certainly not walking down and up 6 floors. Winterfeast in the background.

power restored tho Winter Feast never went out.
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Lovely day and a great view from the room.
we spent the day wandering the markets and then The Women's Factory where partners rellies spent some "quality" time. :sneaky:
The over to The Female Factory where Jude got more info on her ancestors.
Nice nap then a raucous and $$ couple of hours at Winter Feast. It was very busy tonight, hard to find seats and food was pricey...on top of the $25 each entry fee Jude not happy. I liked the atmosphere and the music. We did get a decent mix of food

the music was great and fitting to the festival - crowded and hard to find seats

In other years this monster was burned ..not this year for reasons unknown.

I enjoyed it more than partner - always willing to support the pagans. :D
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Last day in Hobart
Had a lovely thick seafood chowder from a vertically integrated local company in Hobart.....their own ships, their own processing factory and a fresh to buyers or their own kitchen,

Now in Melbourne
Holed up in Melbourne CBD. Fell asleep on the short flight from Hobart now awake too early.
Home in a couple of days to warmth and then have to get my expired drivers license sorted right away....hope that is not an issue.
Glad to get out of the chilly couple of weeks in Tasmania and Melbourne...it's gorgeous at home.
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Marc is escaping the heat in India for 3 months by moving to Nepal....one fast charger in the whole country.....will be a challenge.

Noraly still in recovery. Looking for another motorcycle vLog

Not all that found of Got2Go but she has lots I have not seen.
Now she is back in the saddle.

This will do very well thanks...still not fond of Got2Go but this looks great
It was - excellent video and he's an Aussie.. double win.

Well proving anything can go ATW - looks okay

Battery on the MacBook Pro over due for replacement. :( $280 sigh.
Time to find a breakfast spot.
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We were indecisive about going to the Melbourne Aquarium but glad we did.
One of the cooler jobs to have.

Crazy weedy seahorses

Just a lovely squid looking straight at me.

The Penguin exhibit was excellent and self inflicted apartheid.

stunning swimmers

4-5m croc gave me the evil eye.

Evolution of a motorcycle rider.... one of the odder exhibits we've come across. Built in head and torso protection.

Last day of the trip and happy to be heading home....lots to do.
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Back home in Cairns....traded chilly south for warm tropics and MOZZIES!!!!
Mind you it's only 18.5 on the deck at 9 pm ...bit nippy.

Wallowing in HD Youtube 70s rock with the new headphones. The video quality sucks but most of them have been remastered. They sure make flying a treat. Even the din of the airport terminal is gone.
Have not quite mastered them entirely as the ANC levels seem to vary without reason....then cut in and startle me.
The transparency feature is neat....the ANC damps the constant sounds out and just lets things like flight announcements come is perfectly and the amount of transparency is control on the touch ear piece. :sleep: soon ...crawl into bed and listen and be warm.
Lots to do tomorrow.
Shopping done and a long day with bureaucracy getting licence renewed for 2 years ...$128 and then the mandatory medical check which I'm now sentenced to every year....they marvelled at my eye test, I was a bit worried about the balance test.....glad I had my good runners on....they are very stable. Urine test caused some question until I said still recovering from TURPS then no issue...."drink more water" from the nurse....sigh.

Eye exam for new specs and teeth cleaning and some chips repaired and I should be good for a while.
Hearing aids working the charm with fresh batteries....seems about a week for 50 cents...that's okay.

It was one of the best riding days in a while 😏 But The Wet is finallllllly over.
Every day should be good, not hot, little or no rain. 1718864231182.png
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For an Ontario "over 80 years - old driving test" it is basically a one minute test of your peripheral vision and a test where you have to draw a circle for a clock face, put in the hour numbers from 1 to 12 and put an hour and a minute hand in so it reads 10 minutes after 11.
I realize that that "test" is based on some research but ....
For an Ontario "over 80 years - old driving test" it is basically a one minute test of your peripheral vision and a test where you have to draw a circle for a clock face, put in the hour numbers from 1 to 12 and put an hour and a minute hand in so it reads 10 minutes after 11.
I realize that that "test" is based on some research but ....
The saddest part is you have five minutes to draw the clock. If it takes you five minutes, you needed to stop driving many years ago imo.

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