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Riding Down Under - Tropical Cairns Australia

Completely certifiable woman !!! :eek:

Even if I'm not getting enough riding in.....Noraly is certainly having insane adventures. 🍿
Far less drama for Lavi and Ollie
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Lovely 27C here - mixed cloud and sun. Good ride so far to Mossman ...would like to get to Daintree Village - have a taste for their croc spring rolls. Excellent long sleep. There is rain ahead but it is moving ahead of me.
35 km to get there...wiah I remembered to put on my padded shorts tho I have them with me....will see in a bit.

Hanging out at sheltered picnic table just past Mossman and watchng the Superbowl.
I do love technology

Teach me to ride into a black cloud.
Soaked and nothing was open at Daintree :(
Drove back into the sunshine soon enough and likely dry by the time I'm home. lamb wrap and medium flat white for lunch
Good Super Bowl and and happy Taylor Swift.

Water proof boots are not when the water leaks down the top. :( I'll live.

Palmerston reopened (y)
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Enjoyed Charlie Boorman vids for a couple hours.
Bit of gentle rain and 27 on deck going down to 25....verra nice and I am feeling the long day riding tho not all spent on the bike. Broke up the segments. Really have to discipline myself to take decent breaks :sleep:
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Hmmm - lovely 25C morning with kookas yelling. Feel okay was a bit stiff but then had zero drugs in overnight which is unusual. Corrected now ..just not sure I want to tackle the Palmerston. I suppose can always bail part way but thats almost as far if I want to avoid the Gillies both ways.
Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at Feb, 13    2024    5.52.52 AM.jpg
239 km loop after 220 yesterday tho that was a stretched out ride. dunno...will snooze a bit and see howI feel around 7ish. :coffee:
With my operation looming in March trying to get decent rides in as will be two days in hospital and no driving for 2 weeks. :unsure:
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Good ride to the Palmerston turn. Not too much wind. Will breaak here for a bit then head to Millaa for lunch.
Wearing the padded riding shorts and they seem to help.
Beauty day - the stop is a Driver Reviver that used to offer free coffee but not any more :(
85 km down 58 to Millaa and a longer break.
Then I have to decide route home. Likely will go the shorter route via Gillies.

Did come down the Gillies and back was getting sore - realized I forgot to put my kidney belt on :( ...paiid for that.
Dodged rain and just finished the other have of my bacon n egg wrap from Millaa Millaa cafe. They were glad to have the road open again,
Between physio at 8 and then straight to the ride....tired puppy when I got home.
Dodged a bit of rain on the last 5km. Just have to build up my stamina.....and wear the kidney belt :rolleyes:

Thick and steamy on the deck but only 28 so tolerable with the fan. Likely sleep well tonight.
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I used to love "chasing spring", heading the bike south until the green shows. You may be expecting a bit much of Feb tho.
I went past blue ridge a couple times recently. Daytime temps in the single digits. Not exactly balmy. Sadly no time to take the scenic route.
It can get chilly up on the ridge even in other seasons - recall a couple times bailing east to warmer temps. Never did do the whole thing. Last attempt ended with a blown stator on the Vstrom. Very cool Civil War era hotel I ended up in by accident for a couple of nights.
Damn - now have to choose between lovely riding temps and a good chance of getting wet.. :cry:

I really need to get rides in before my March prostate surgery ..2 days in hosp and two weeks recovery. Think it is the same procedure as HRH had ..sans any cancer. :unsure:
The rain showers are easy to see and can be avoided by riding around them or getting out of them til they pass.
I made the mistake of staying in one the other day without tucking my phone away. Got an alert about water in my Lightning connector and the battery pack was misbehaving.

The worst part is getting my boots wet ...they are waterproof but water runs down the Rev'it mesh pants and into the tops. Looking up some gaiters to deal with that.

I also might need to put the antifog shield back on the C3 helmet visor - I don't like it as the optical clarity is affected but better I can see in the rain ..I don't use the visor all the time...prefer optically correct riding glasses in the dry weather.
However I immediately flip the visor down when rain begins.
Maybe have to look at some some coating to make rain bead up. I used to have something I used. ??? RainX for Plastic maybe?
Might even be useful on the riding glasses too. ( Mil spec clear safety glasses, very good and not expensive...$5 each or so....maybe less on Temu.)

Pretty set on riding today as sub 30 temps are lovely..will just have watch radar and prep a bit more. 🏍️
Hmmm... I like Nelson-Rigg gear and this might make more sense than gaiters.
Nelson-Rigg unisex adult Motorcycle Nelson Rigg WPRB 100 04 XL Waterproof Rain Boot Covers Black X Large, Black, X-Large US
Mind you I could get rain gear for not much more.

And it comes in 4x sizing. Maybe check Rev'It.
Opted for these 4XL cheapies from Temu.:rolleyes: Little extra viz in the wet, and reviews say fit to size
Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at Feb, 16    2024    4.17.52 AM.jpg
I had a couple pairs of rain pants I left in Canada :( I can put these on before I leave on iffy days like today.
Damn Temu ....ended up buying more stuff.....some of which I'd put in the cart previously..but still :rolleyes:
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More than scattered showers and heading into Cairns from the north rather quickly. Best laid plans.
Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at Feb, 16    2024    9.52.21 AM.jpg
Bailed but not due to rain...very uncomfortable temps.
Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at Feb, 16    2024    12.30.56 PM.jpg
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Got 15 minutes on the exercise bike at varying resistance despite the 30C temps...felt okay. That's good news. With the constant showers I can't get riding and 1 physio session a week for 45 min is not sufficient.
Next few days look okay for a real ride (y)
Twiddling my thumbs....yeah yeah it IS the rainy season but.....maybe tomorrow.
Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at Feb, 24    2024    9.24.53 AM.jpg
at least air temps are nice now.
Looks like you have a very short double digits window with rain and wind coming - quite the swing from -15 :eek:
Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at Feb, 24    2024    3.25.36 PM.jpg

Getting frustrated with the showers here but enjoying a new Joe Ryan series.

Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at Feb, 25    2024    5.57.38 AM.jpg

Serious temps he's riding in tho. 😓
Rant ....******* two stroke weed whackers ought to be outlawed
Nice quiet morning, next door winds up some ancient 2 stroke that is loud and stinky ....I'm 15m away and even with full cans on can barely hear my program. grrrrrrr....oughta be a law.
You can't run 2 stroke bikes on the roads any more cuz of pollution.....AND I'm downwind.:mad:

Of course my program is finished and so is he.......thankfully but realllllllly.
Now he's in easy range of a power plug and electric weedwhackers have more torque, much quieter and no pollution.
He should write to Santa. rant endeth.
Might just rewatch Itchy Boots in peace.
yeah yeah I get the irony. :sneaky:

No ride today - sticky as hell and now raining. 🌧️
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