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Ride back from dealership??

Mango Rider

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I'll ride your bike to your place no problem or fee, just give me a lift there and home from YnE hahaha
Always wanted to ride the Rebel 300, see how different it is from the 250.

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Got my first bike shortly after my course. Rode it home from the dealership. That was mid summer though. When I got to home, just kept going. Thus my first ride in downtown traffic. And the first scare. Took the chicane at Dundas and Bathurst a little too quick and got closer to the light pole than I wanted.


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I think with little or even no experience like myself, as long as you get used to some basics (turning right, Esp. sharp rights, is harder Imo cause throttle is there, takes a bit getting used to) and don't let the ego get the best of you on the way home, you'll be fine. Full stop for turning right behind the line (let's be honest some of us don't do that with the cage, causes bad habits), get use to checking pedestrian and oncoming traffic, etc.

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