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Replacement Hip Armour


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My AirGlide 3 pants are in remarkable shape after years of use but I noticed when removing the hip armor it's just foam

So given how inexpensive I got these pants for new $100 Cdn - and how much flawless use I've had - 4 years with a single issue - even the boot velcro is perfect.....I figured spending a bit on some 3D0 hip armor would be smart.

The foam armor is kidney shaped but the pocket is not so I figure most flexible armor like this would fit

That's Level 2 CE

The Klim is a bit more money but I don't see much difference

These look good tho for ventilation in Australia and it's a new design.

Klim D3O LP2 Pro Hip Pads

any feedback appreciated...especially those with AirGlide 3.

I use independent knee armor that I'm very pleased with


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My Joe Rocket mesh riding jacket is at least 12 years old and I bought it second hand for $50. It fits well and has handled come offs on dirt well tho leaving the zipper open cost me a shoulder injury that still hurts :(.

It's got the original foam insert back protector so I thought $85 for a current level protector that is also cooler was warranted and I could split shipping on the hip armor that I also grabbed. Since both are worn in Canada and Australia a little extra expense to bring them up to snuff for the riding I do was worth it.....and a bit cooler here in Aus.

Think I'm good for this years riding in on both continents.

Turns out - dumb luck's the same shape for my Scott Distinct II 3 season jacket.
Bonus - ANYTHING that makes that jacket cooler is worthwhile

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