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R.A.C.E. Round 5 September 21-23 .


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Burns racing will be there. Aaron is digging his R6 out from under a pile of refuse in the garage to race it for the first time this year. :eek: He will also ride the R3. Alan will be looking to secure two lightweight weight championships on the R3 and hoping to secure 2nd place in the middleweight sportsman championship on his 2006 R6.

It's supposed to be long track. So get off yer butts and come watch or race.


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I'm having a hard time getting my bikes ready with time crunch etc. but hopefully I'll finally put the RSV4 on track.

Look forward to seeing Aaron out again.
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Looks like Linda and I will be coming out. I hear there’s a bbq. Who knows what I’ll be riding but the 675 is good to go atm. That could change over the weekend tho. The BMW goes but she’s not at 100%

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Far too many crashes on the weekend. Hopefully all parties heal up well.

Nice to see the remaining championships go down to the wire.

And it was good to see some very tight racing especially in the lightweight classes. Many battles going on within the overall larger race.

Now begins the long winter of maintenance, rebuild and maybe fresh builds.

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