Questions and Advice re Beginner Gear near Brampton |

Questions and Advice re Beginner Gear near Brampton


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Hey Everyone,
I am interested in taking the M1X Course and attaining my M2 license this summer. I have been doing a lot of research and reading forums, but would greatly appreciate your suggestions and advice with the following questions.
  • Helmet and jacket suggestions
  • Things to avoid
  • Beginner advice
Would you know of any particular school that offers bundles to purchase gear? For example, the course with a helmet and jacket. MTOhp is closest to me (Brampton) but doesn’t seem to offer any bundles.

I am looking for a quality helmet and jacket. So far, I am interested in the following and would like your opinions.

Helmet options:
- Scorpion EXO-R420 Full Face Helmet
- Other SNELL or ECE? approved helmets
Jacket Options:
- Icon Overlord SB2 CE Jacket

Please let me know of the best places around Brampton to purchase gear, especially the two listed, for the M1X Course.

If the listed helmet and jacket are not suggested, please provide information for a comparable motorcycle jacket with a minimum of CE elbow and shoulder armour. I would prefer D3O armour and/or CE elbow, shoulder and back armour.

I would appreciate if you would inform me if there is a retailer that builds packages for the helmet and jacket (ex: bundle discount, include armoured gloves, include tinted visor, etc.).

What kind of questions should I ask when visiting a store for gear? Any warning signs to protect myself from a bad deal/gear? Is there a manufacture date usually shown on gear (because gears expires over time)?

I noticed GP Bikes has a helmet sale until July 31. Are there any other sales to wait for/coming soon?

I would sincerely appreciate as much info as you can provide.
Thank you for your time and expertise.

Joe Bass

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I personally would hit up Kijiji for most of the gear.
And Rider's Choice would be closer to you than GP for a helmet.

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I've never heard of a course/school selling gear packages, and haven't seen stores selling a package of gear (though it could have happened and didn't see it). Your best bet is to go to a store and ask them if they'll give a package price for x, y, and z, i.e. go in and haggle.

Don't be stuck on a brand of helmet at this point, unless you've actually tried them on to see how they fit. Scorpion helmets do not fit my head, so I'd never consider them despite their price and quality. Even different helmets in the brand can have specific fit characteristics, e.g. Arai Quantum X fits me well, but their other models range in fit from somewhat acceptable to "Get this vise off my skull!"

A bit of a drive from Brampton, but still reasonable compared to crossing the GTA to get to Whitby, would be Royal Distributing in Guelph. But Rider's Choice is the closest for you, with the best selection.


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Off season motorcycle shows are the best place to find deep discount sales on apparel and helmets. Keep in mind that the mark-up on selling you a new motorcycle is not huge, the mark-up price of apparel and accessories which are considered "style" items is huge as in ~300%.

Try on helmets of every brand and model you can find, they all fit slightly different. In my experience, the most expensive and arguably most important features of a street motorcycle helmet is aerodynamics, light weight construction and nice fitting parts such as visors that seal well and don't rattle. I also find that air vents at the top of the helmet instead of at your temple or forehead work way better, in really cold weather the temple vents feel like somebody is drilling holes into your forehead.


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Want new? check the sales/promo code at GPbikess or Fortnine CLOSEOUT gear.
yes kijijii is a great place to look. So many gear option. Even riders selling all of their gear at once (helmet, jacket, gloves etc)
One thing about gear it's got to fit properly ie helmet looks cool and great price but wrong head shape or too big or two small same goes for jacket, gloves etc
How to buy and size a motorcycle helmet

Joe Bass

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Think I saw a 48 he sale on ATM at Royal

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I just got into motorcycling so a couple of months ago I was in your situation.
Buy a good quality helmet. You can get a nice Shoei RF1200 etc for a good price at GP bikes assuming they still have their sale on.

I bought 2 jackets.
A textile Dainese which was 40% off from fortnine (I believe they still have them on sale)
A leather Dainese on kijiji which looks brand new but was $300 as apposed to $700 for a new one.
If you are patient you can get top quality gear for "cheap" when stuff goes on sale or even on kijiji.
I believe in the idea of doing it right the first time.
ie buy quality stuff now as apposed to buying cheap stuff and then upgrading.

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Get a basic two piece rainsuit from anywhere that fits over your gear. This is a lifesaver in the wet and can protect you a lot when it's cold. Own more than one pair of gloves. At least one for when it's hot out and one pair for when it's cool.

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