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Thinking about signing up for the pro6 trac school. How does it compare to something like racer5 and fast?

Also, cant find any info if you use your own bike or if they supply the bikes/rent out bikes.

Can anyone share their experience with the pro6 trac school?



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Click on "trackday guide" Trackday Guide - Pro 6 Cycle

Bikes are NOT street legal and are only available for rent for trackday use at our trackdays.

Pro 6 Cycle has a limited number of Yamaha R6’s, Kawasaki ZX-6R, and 1 SV 650 available for rent at our events.

Basic rental machines have basic track prep: bodywork, clip-ons, rear-sets, and case covers. They also have a general suspension set-up for the rider’s weight. All of the basic fleet run Dunlop Sportmax Q3 tires and do not require tire warmers.

Premium machines have slicks, quick shifter, upgraded suspension front and rear.

Rental is $250/day plus tax for the SV650

Rental is $300/day plus tax for basic R6 or ZX-6R rental

Rental is $400/day plus tax for premium R6 rental, or VIP event rental

  • Tire wear is included for green riders, and is pro-rated for yellow and red riders.
  • Fuel is not included. Premium grade fuel must be provided by the renter. The bike will have a full tank upon leaving Pro 6, and should come back with a full tank at the end of the rental period.
  • There is no insurance, but rather a 'fix-what-you-break' policy. The renter may be subject to depreciation charges as well as total value of the motorcycle in the event of serious damage.
  • A refundable deposit of $5000 is required the morning of the event
  • Renter must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Renter must sign and agree to all terms put forth my Pro 6 Cycle Inc. in the rental agreement which will be presented by Pro 6 Cycle Inc. prior to the motorcycle leaving the garage."


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I've not done Racer 5, so I can't compare.
Pro6 Trac School and Fast are similar, but different.
The in class portion of Pro6 leans more to the dynamics and science of motorcycles, Fast more to riding the track. Both are quite extensive.
The on track sessions of Pro6 are setup for small groups of riders (3 or 4) at the same experience level, Fast starts at the basics; starting, stopping etc. for larger groups.
Pro6 has rental bikes, but I think the majority bring their own. The majority at Fast were rentals.
Fast runs on the Nelson circuit at Shannonville, Pro6 runs the full track at Calabogie.
Fast has 4 levels, one day per level. Pro6 is two days and the smaller on track groups are at different levels.
Both are great.
I think you can apply for a race license after completing either program, and you'll certainly be prepared to attend track days after either.


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Any motorcycle training is one of those things that you get out of it exactly what you put into it

Participation in amateur competitions is likely a cheaper better way to experience having your ass handed to you
and the same applies, you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

in most cases the best way to ride better is to follow somebody that rides better, ymmv.


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The formal classroom portion of Racer5 is limited to about an hour - I can't remember if it's on the second or third day. It's very much a "learn-by-doing" approach. You follow your instructor on track in a controlled group of 5 or 6 for most of the time, with much of the instruction happening in the pits while the other groups are on track. Bikes are their CBR125s, and they're perfect for the purpose. Reading something like Twist of the Wrist beforehand can help.

I've also done FAST phase 1 on a rented SV650, about a decade before I did Racer5. As I recall it was about 50/50 classroom and track time. Having read quite a number of motorcycling books beforehand (TOTW, etc) I didn't find much new in the classroom instruction, but your experience will vary depending upon what you know going in.


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Those rental prices are insane lol, when I did Fast 1-3 I brought my own bike. Last year was the final year where Michel Mercier was instructing the classroom portion. Should still be good with Martin Hamel leading it. No experience with Pro6 school but there were pro6 instructors at FAST and they were very good.


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Track School at Calabogie sounds like fun. Here's Jordan Szoke doing a lap.
What a great track but so far away!


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They are very lucky to get the days they do get at CTMP. That will likely never happen.


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CTMP is way to big, fast and open sweeping corners to learn anything valuable from an instructor, unless your going fast, real fast. which most of the trac school is not

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