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Oakville. Sunday May 25. Sunday Cigar Run.


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The Ride
  • Leaving North West Oakville on Sunday morning, approximately 9 AM, for a scenic 120 KM ride.
  • Approximately a 3.5 hour event.
  • No major highways, nothing too twisty, M1 riders will be OK.
  • Riding at posted speeds at all times.
  • Stopping twice, at parks or makeshift rest areas, to enjoy the cigars contributed by other riders.
  • Fair weather riding only.

The Cigars
  • We are stopping twice, to relax, and enjoy, for approximately 30-35 minutes each time.
  • You need to bring two cigars to share with the other riders, and obviously you can't smoke your own cigar -- which is the whole point of this ride.
  • The cigars that you contribute must be decent, hand rolled, with bands -- they say at least as much about you as your ride. Bring what you actually enjoy yourself, mild, medium, or full. Habanos are nice, but not necessary.
  • Due to time limitations, something in the 40 x 5 range would be ideal. If you are sharing something larger, please be prepared for the person enjoying it to leave a long nub when we head-out.
  • Bring some facts/interesting info about your offerings.

The Riders
  • You are 45+ (sorry, we are not contributing to the delinquency of minors :p ).
  • This is a 100% new-rider friendly group (it has to be, I am a new rider).
  • This is unfortunately not the best event for new aficionados, unless of course you are contributing Cohibas -- in which case we will make an exception.
  • Be prepared to accept, and enjoy, any type of stick, mild to bold.
  • If your bike looks like a jet ski, or sounds like a stuck pig, please pass this note on to your Ol'Grandad.
  • If you have two bikes, and one looks like a sofa on wheels, it may be a good idea to bring the other one ;)
  • If you have to decide between buying cigars, and say buying food or paying rent -- this ride is not for you.

The Logistics
  • If you are interested in this Sunday (May 25), please send me a PM as soon as you’re sure you can commit.
  • If you are interested, but this Sunday is not good, please send me a PM also since this may take a few weeks to get off the ground.
  • I will PM you back as soon as I have two other riders on board.
  • We should be back from the ride by around 12:30.
  • We need 3-5 riders/aficionados to make this worthwhile, and to head out, we will keep rescheduling until we have it.
  • Ride goes ahead in nice weather only -- obviously pointless trying to smoke wet.

The info above may seem to make the ride very formal, but that's just necessary to get it initially organized and off the ground ... the ride itself promises to be very casual and hopefully a fun group of like-minded guys (or ladies).

If you know someone who this type of ride may interest -- please email a copy of this note to them -- and help them PM me. I understand that the intended demographic may not necessarily be members here.


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