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Noisy Fuel Pump

Fernie 66

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I'm a new member as I've just discovered this wonderful web site.

I've got a 2009 Honda CBF 1000 with 53,000 Kms. Have enjoyed it immensely, with short and long trips. Last year it developed a whistling, flute like noise coming from inside the gas tank, and has become worse over time. I'm afraid the fuel pump might be going, and checking with dealers, it'll cost me $1,000 just for the pump. They say it can go any day, or last quite a while longer. There is no performance issue at all.
Has anyone experienced this problem and how did you fix it. Is it the pump going, . . . .any help will be much appreciated.


Brian P

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Honda will want to sell you the entire sending unit assembly (and the labour to remove and install, which is really not all that hard). Fortunately, fuel pumps are not rocket science, and lots of bikes (and lots of cars) use the same bits and pieces.

It is possible to buy just the pump: https://www.highflowfuel.com/i-23907978-quantum-intank-efi-fuel-pump-honda-cbf1000-2006-2018.html

You will have to disassemble the sending unit in order to change this out. I haven't experience doing it on a Honda but I have done it (with the comparable pump) on my ZX10R, which is a notorious fuel pump eater (I am on the third one).

The Kaw has a fuel filter built into the sending unit which is non replaceable. I backflushed it with solvent; a bunch of black crap came out when I did.

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