NO BARS RACING!!! LAST RACE show support!! |

NO BARS RACING!!! LAST RACE show support!!


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Attention all bike rides, the last race of the year and a lot of money up for grabs!!! Check out the NO BARS page on Facebook!!! We need races to show the support for the last race so we can keep grown into a more and bigger series to the motorcycle drag racing for next year and show sponsors why we need more help to make the payouts bigger and better to the motorcycle drag racing!! Get suited up and let the racing begin!!!

Think your the baddest racer ha!!! Prove it if you think your the best!!!

Sept 13 2014 / 10:00 am start. St.thomas speedway!!!

This is the last one of the year from NO BARS!!! Come out and have fun with some of the best people you will ever meet, always a great time and at a great track!!!

Big thanks to BETTER PLUMBER for your support and sponsorship!!!!!!

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