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New Rider! Hopefully...


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Im new to the forum. Hoping to get my M1 in September. Do a course in October for M1 exit and get my M2. Then hopefully be ready to ride 2021 season.

Anyone else new planning this route? Any recommendations for drive test centers (Longside Mississauga or Wycroft Oakville)?




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Welcome. If you have the space to store it, I would get and insure a bike in the fall. Insurance over the winter costs almost nothing and it gets your insurance history going (which helps reduce rates from holy (*&*(& to what the hell). Bikes are also cheaper in the fall. Normally we also have quite a few good riding days between october and april but I'm not sure that is the best plan for a rider with very limited experience.

If you're doing a course, why are you asking about drivetest centers? You only need DT to do five minutes of paperwork.


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Thank @GreyGhost !

I was thinking that also. I’m sure bikes go on sale during off season.

For the drivetest centers, I meant I would do the knowledge test first to get my M1. Then do the course at MTOHP for M1X. Hopefully 🤞.

Just wondering which location on the west end is best to go in and out quickly for the knowledge test.

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