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New Blog, Dirt-Riding Oriented


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Hey gang,

I thought I'd share my new website and blog, assembled during 8 weeks of lock-down. I'm planning to use the site to share thoughts, videos and content focused on various moto-related experiences that keep me busy throughout the year. The merch on the site is designed by yours truly and helps support my pipe dreams of international rally racing.

I'm hoping some of the upcoming "Where to Ride" content will help riders getting into the sport find more info about riding areas in Ontario.

Site: – Ride, Tell Stories, Make Cool Swag
Latest BLOG Post: Scorra Midhurst Tract –

Let me know your thoughts and please stay tuned for more content.


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Well done! Already learn't about that road you mentioned in the video, clean and simple layout. All the best in the Rally ahead!


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I liked your greens mountain video. Did you guys drive up and come back in one day or stay the night there?

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