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I'm configuring the CB500x for touring and one trip looks to be three weeks and I'm light on storage as my side cases only hold 46L total and I hate the look of a top case on the bike.

Picked up a 27L tank bag in Australia that I'm using on the KLR and will bring to Canada. I like the lifetime warranty. I won't use the GPS/Phone features except for camera gear. I also suspect my 13" Laptop will fit in the tank bag which is useful for pit stops though I bought my Shad top load side cases because they fit a 15".

Looking at tail bags and this caught my eye

Useful to have a back pack and also not to have to put a rain cover on.

Figure it should all fit...just have get my leg through - getting old sucks.

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Instead of the tail pack, get a rolltop dry bag to put across your panniers.

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I've never liked, or had a top case
if the panniers don't hold enough for long trips
a tail bag works very well
and comes off the bike in seconds with my electronics and other important stuff in it

this is my FJ09 configured for touring
panniers + tail bag and I could travel indefinitely
similar to your CBX setup, MD



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Instead of the tail pack, get a rolltop dry bag to put across your panniers.
I have a dry bag but I don't like the lack of compartments.


I could always break down and buy the larger Shads 36 L each ...forget about the tail pack.
Too much I think costs $4-500 for 23 L more....where the tail bag gives me 23 L expanded for $120.

this is why I hate the top case on the CB500x

The 36s look clean in real life but not top load like the 23s

Tank bag will work fine and I really like that it expands from 20 to 27 litre in the same foot print.

I keep coming back to the backpack ...especially if I mount it sideways and then have the fuel bottle at the back.
I just don't know if I can get on the bike.....39681
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You could always do a mock up with the drybag or a big garbage bag and see if you can throw a leg over before you spend the $$$ on the backpack.

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You may find that tankbag doesn't fit well. My versys doesn't accept magnetic bags very well due to the plastic panels on the sides of the tank.

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it does work..
it's fine on the KLR which is an awkward tank shape and even better on the CB500x which they had in stock and they let me try it for fit ...full contact....more powerful magnets than my current tank bag in Canada. The bigger tank bags might indeed run into the plastics on some bikes but these are 20s so fairly small footprint ..the NR expands to 27L which is the attraction aside from life time warranty.

my son had issues with the old one on his FZ8 ..would lift at speed. Never had an issue on the Vstrom except on a wicked cross wind at speed but the difference in magnets is quite marked.....and I've got overhang to keep it in place too. 🤫


How about this? Motorcycle Dry Bags

Not sure how much shipping would be though
Again I have a dry bag and don't like the lack of partitions/pockets and the Nelson Rigg doubles as very good backpack as well as tail bag and fuel bottle holder.....IF I can get my leg over it.

I've got a top case on the KLR and have to contort a bit to get the big boots past it ....I think I can do it with the BMW touring boots easier and 3" lower seat on the CB500x

Much depends on whether I can live with 73 L.

I had 86 on the CBF1000 and it was okay for multi-day trips. Much easier to pack small when not camping and I travel a lot anyways.
The new 13" laptop helps power loss but lighter and physically smaller than the 15" I used to carry. It fits the new tank bag like it was made for it.

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