Need help buying used motorcycle first time In Toronto, Canada. |

Need help buying used motorcycle first time In Toronto, Canada.


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Hello People and Enthus,

I am planning to buy a used motorcycle for next season now. I need few heads up from you guys about what to look out for and what are the documents and procedure to buy a used motorcycle.

I am going to visit few people to see the bike next week.

What are things from A-Z I need to take care of.

Please guide me through this.

Thanks a lot.

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Step 1: Make sure you can get (and afford) insurance on it before buying it.

I know last fall you were looking at a Hayabusa on an M2 as a new rider. I'm hoping you've moved on from that?

As for the actual purchase, This thread in the forum Gatekeeper posted above is an excellent resource.


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Mechanically speaking, find somebody who knows motorcycles and how to work on them, take them with you when you go to look at a bike, otherwise you are going to need to familiarize yourself with the issues to look for in a used motorcycle. Or, you could just buy a new brand name motorcycle that comes with an OEM warranty, that's a relatively safe bet with very few surprises ;)

+1 on investigating insurance coverage costs prior to purchase of anything.

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