Need a new portable battery ala Microstart XP3 |

Need a new portable battery ala Microstart XP3


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My Microstart Xp3 has been wonderful travelling and starting a few vehicles but it is expanding now in its case so don't trust it anymore for safety. Also love the flashlight and use it for the phone all the time. Certainly got value for money - 4 years or more all over the world.

I like their technology .....I suspect it's better now. Any other brands to consider.??

.. I may want something a bit bigger to charge my laptop in a pinch USB-C might make it easier.

Certainly will stick with name brands tho. Suggestions>?

update ...looks like the XP-3 now offers a USB-C adapter and my existing adapters likely work.

This Antigravity Batteries Kit includes a Micro-Start XP-3 plus a Clampless Starting Harness (MSA-10TP). The Micro-Start XP-3 PPS (Personal Power Supply) is NEWLY REDESIGNED offering more features and functionality such as upgraded SMART Clamps and an additional power port. Small enough to fit in your pocket (6 x 3 x 1 inches) yet so powerful it starts gas engines up to 5.7L V8. Start Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Powersports vehicles and more. 200 Amps starting current; 400A Peak. CHARGE & POWER your devices using TWO USB 5V ports at once. Charge Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, MP3 Players, Bluetooth devices and more. Great capacity: 8000 mAh. Hi-Power 110-Lumen LED Flashlight built-in + Lighted battery capacity indicator + Automatic power-off when not in use + Built-in over-charge & over-discharge protections for long battery life. The XP-3 comes with durable Nylon Carry Case + Accessories: 1 set of SMART Mini Jumper Clamps (with multiple safety features: thermal protection, prevent reverse polarity connection, over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, back-charge); 1 universal 4-into-1 USB Cable (Tips: Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 8-pin, USB-C) to charge devices or recharge the XP-3.The CLAMPLESS STARTING HARNESS was made so a rider or driver can quickly & easily jump-start their vehicle using just the Micro-Start with no need for jumper clamps or removing the motorcycle seat. The 12" (300mm) harness connects directly to the battery while the other end can plug directly into the Micro-Start's jump start port.
Made me laugh this review
My favorite story is when my wife was at a fruit stand and a trucker walked up and asked the proprietor if he had jumper cables as his diesel dump truck had gone dead across the road. The trucker laughed at her when she pulled this little jumper out of her car, but he stopped laughing and started writing model numbers down after she connected it and he fired the truck up!
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